Thursday, January 2, 2014

Home Sweet Mississippi, Home Sweet DC

I know its been awhile since I posted, but I was in the South, celebrating the holidays with those I love!

It was so fun to be back in Mississippi last week.  We enjoyed many of the wonderful aspects of Mississippi -- homecooked meals with families, joyful reunions with friends, coffee, desserts and gifts by the tree, christmas eve communion at a small country church, meals at favorite local restaurants, drinks and laughter at small cozy bars and mornings spent in the woods hunting for big bucks (well, for Dave atleast)

Our week was full, happy, joyful- but not restful.  I was on the road the whole week and then wrapped the week off with a weekend full of wedding activities for a dear friend! Dave and I spent the holidays together, but spent a good portion of the week apart - while he hunted and we both saw family and friends. Then we had a LONG travel day including cancelled flights, delayed flights and finally got home at 12:30 am on Sunday evening/Monday morning. Yes, a HAPPY TIRING holiday!

I always hate January --its a dreadfully boring month and I always turn a year older despite my best attempts at preventing it.  It's cold and dreary and the holidays have ended.  The lights come down, the trees are packed away and there are less outings, parties and events.

And yet....this year, I am excited for January! I am imagining a month of movies and sweats and cuddling, cooking new recipes, curling up with good books and warm steamy cups of cocoa,  possibly a little organizing . WE ARE WORN OUT FROM THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS-- and a slow dull month is just what the doctor ordered! I already have a list of movies I want to see and books I want to read!

Going home to Mississippi was good. The first few days were hard as I realized how much I missed my life there.  I also teared up numerous times with the realization that I didn't have time to see or enjoy everyone and everything I love about home!! But, even so, at the end of the week, Dave and I both admitted that although a few more days in Mississippi would have been nice, we were ready to get back to DC.

DC doesn't have as many people we love and it doesn't have as many memories, but it is the life we are making together- and we love having a life that is "ours". It is good to go home to Mississippi, AND its good to come back home to DC!

A few pictures from our time in the hospitality state!

Annual Game night with 2 families in town!

Sunday Christmas lunch with one side of Dave's family

Sunday Night Girls Dinner

Mele Kalikimaka party (including a round of "cards against humanity")

Jack's first Gingerbread House which he claims he built, but I think Uncle Bubby may have done most of the building!

 Christmas Eve with Dave's family at the Cedars Plantation (This picture should sum up the differences in our two personalities -- Dave's festive wear includes a green polo, mine includes a sequin skirt ha!)

Christmas Morning with Dave's family

Christmas Afternoon with my family

Lunch with some of my favorite Highlands Pres folks!

 I couldn't help but take a pic of Jack napping. Adorable.

 Lindsey's rehearsal dinner

 Drinks at the Library Lounge after the Rehearsal

 Wedding Day! (Isn't she lovely??)

By the way, Dave and I celebrated 6 months of marriage at the wedding. 6 months sure seems like it went by quickly! Excited for what the next 6 months, 6 years, 6 decades bring!

 I know it's 2014 already (Happy New Year!)  so I am a little late on the "2013 memories" and "2014 goals" blog posts, but they will be coming soon....just a little late. Bear with me, its  been a busy month!

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  1. So glad you had such a good holiday and visit at home. There really is something nice about getting back to the "real world" and it's routine, isn't there??