Thursday, May 26, 2016

2 months!

Almost 3 months in to this whole mommy thing and I think you can already see how these monthly updates are going to be.... LATE each month. Sorry, not sorry - I am crazy busy with moving, unpacking, studying, her doctors appointments and keeping this little love bug happy and healthy.

So, just a few weeks late....Anne Douglas turned 2 months on May 4th (which also happens to be the birthday of my favorite youngest sister!)  I weighed her on a borrowed infant scale on that date and she was about 10 pounds...FINALLY in the double digits - and we fought for every single ounce of that.

Month 2 was much more fun and easier than Month 1.  Our strict nursing schedule loosened up a little bit, plus baby girl was only getting up once a night (and was sleeping through the night shortly after 2 months yay!)  So, both baby and mama were happier and better rested and I feel I had more time to just enjoy being Annie D's mommy rather than obsessing over if she was eating enough!

Plus, we got to see more and more of baby girl's sweet personality this past month - so far, she is friendly, generally happy, a little bit silly, down to earth - BUT when she is angry, she will let you know.  She has a temper - it doesn't come out over every small thing, but it does come out sometimes! (She is just opinionated) She also has a stubborn streak, particularly when eating-- when she is done eating, she pinches her little lips closed tightly and you can't get her to finish. Or, if you give her a bottle when she wants to nurse, she will refuse - or nurse when she wants a bottle, she will refuse. She is rarely mean about it, just determined in what she wants and doesn't want.

This month, Annie D started noticing things around her a bit more - especially items that hang like mobiles or toys. It is so much fun watching her take in the world!  She also has crazy woman hair most of the time - as it grows longer, it sticks up and I have basically given up on brushing it. Luckily we think her crazy hair is adorable!! Her older cousins, Jack and Gil, visited again and she was just mesmerized by having older kids around! She has 5 older cousins and I think she is going to adore them all!

Sweet girl had to start wearing a harness/brace during her second month for (correctable) hip problems.  We had a rough few days of adjustment - but she quickly adjusted.  She is pretty flexible.  It has restricted some of her wardrobe options, but no worries, we accessorize with bows!  She wears the brace 23 hours a day and after a couple months, she will move to part time wear and then eventually she will quit wearing it at all.  We think she is pretty cute in the harness and I call her "tiny tim."

Her dislikes: wearing her brace, the first nap of the day and eating right before bed.

BUT - she loves more things than she hates! LOVES: breakfast, the mobile on her mammaroo swing, mommy singing to her, SMILING, being held high on daddy's shoulder, strolling, riding in the car and when we let her fall asleep in our arms.

Daddy calls her "lil' bit" or "lil' nugget" and I call her "sweet pea" or "little love bug."

I get sad each morning thinking that she is one day older - and yet, each day she gets more fun! She changes drastically week by week and it's fun to see her little personality and appearance form. We love our sweet girl to the moon and back and are so grateful to be her parents!

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