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My name is Katy and I am a transplanted southern girl living in DC (Northern Virginia, to be exact!)


I grew up all over the South -- but mostly in Mississippi. I love all things southern - watermelon, hot summers, old homes, charming accents, front porch sitting, watermelon and of course, college football. (Well, I like MOST all things southern as I hate sweet tea) But, I also love politics, travelling, architecture, art, city living and all the other cultural benefits that comes with living in a big city, so I am loving being in the nation's capitol!

I am the oldest of 4 kids and we have a very close family.  I am the oldest - followed by Marley (sister), Blaise (brother) and Ansley (our baby sister).  We may bicker and pester the heck out of eachother, but we always have fun together and we have eachother's back...and you better not cross us, we will (and have) stuck up for eachother! We also have 2 happily married, loving, supportive parents.  Although life has had its challenges in the past several years, God was gracious enough to give us eachother to support eachother in good times and bad!

Along the way, I also gained a brother in law (Bech) and a nephew (Jack).

I went to college at Auburn University and absolutely loved it.  Auburn is not only a great place to be a student, but a wonderful place to be an alum/fan too. I then returned to Ole Miss for law school and enjoyed returning to my roots: time spent in God's Country (Oxford, MS) and tailgating with family and friends in the grove. Even after graduation, I spent most of my weekends in Oxford or Auburn watching football (until I moved up north and had to settle for watching the games on TV)

After law school, I moved to Jackson and practiced law. While in Jackson, I got involved in my wonderful church (Highlands), made some of the best friends of my life, travelled a lot, volunteered and kept hoping I would meet the right guy! I had a blog about the ups and downs of singleness - bad dates, break ups, girls nights, loneliness, independence, travelling, friendships ....with a few fun recipes, posts about parties, etc thrown in! (You can check out my old blog and posts HERE.)

Also, while in Jackson, Auburn went undefeated and I went to the National Championship with my daddy which was the best day of my life until I got married (and now is a very close second!)

Finally, at 27, I met this cute fellow....an architecture student from small town Mississippi...and although I didn't know he was "the one" (because I don't believe in the one!) on our first date, it didn't take me long to realize I never wanted to quit dating him.  Within a couple months, we were talking marriage, future, babies, possibility of moving.... 

Dave and I have a lot in common - we both value faith and family, we are both extremely loyal and passionate, we are both stubborn, we both love travelling and cities, we love holidays and celebrations, we both have a sense of humor and we both love the south. We also have a lot thats different- I am very black and white and he's far more comfortable thinking outside the box. I am a city girl (by MS standards) and he's a country boy.  He's laid back and I'm pretty scheduled.  I love dressing up, going out to night restaurants, etc - and Dave hunting and fishing.  But, I love our differences (most of the time) and think Dave brings out the best version of me (and hopefully, vice versa!) I guess opposites attract because couldn't imagine life with someone just like me.

A year later, we were engaged under the Christmas lights on December 20, 2012.

The next 6.5 months were a whirlwind - as we planned a wedding, Dave graduated and found a job, Dave moved to DC and I finished up my job in MS!  Finally, I married this fabulous man in a warehouse in Jackson, MS on June 28, 2013! 



After a honeymoon in San Fran and Napa, I moved to DC to be with Dave and look for a job!

We are enjoying our newlwed days in the DC suburbs where I am working in legislation and policy (currently at a lobbying firm) and Dave is an architect.

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  1. I have apparently found another soul mate!!! Loves travel, talking politics, monitoring politics, seeing the bigger world and understanding it and is from the southern part of the U.S.! Hello, Katy! This is Julie (my pseudonym is la femme rose, as my blog (activated but quiet at the moment) is aptly titled "Poignantly Pink DC." So glad to have shared Le Diplomate with you this week!