Sunday, February 28, 2016

HELLO DUE DATE: 40 week update

Well, hello due date. I really hoped that by the time you arrived, I would be (a little) smaller with a cute fat bundle of joy in my arms - but my stubborn daughter had other plans???? (She gets it from her daddy....)

I am hoping she is a rule follower like her mamma and decides to arrive today since that's the day she was told to arrive. or at least by tomorrow, LEAP DAY (which would be an awesome birthday)

How I am feeling..........

Everyone keeps asking how I am feeling --- ughh, I am feeling every bit of 40 weeks of pregnant! Sore, crampy, some contractions, can't sleep, swollen, etc.  and GRUMPY!

I also am just a bit down (as in cried in the doctor's office Friday - its okay, I am sure that they have very pregnant emotional ladies cry all the time ha) because I am incredibly swollen and really wanted a February baby (and have 2 more days to have one)  Last February 's loss was so tough for us, it just felt like having a baby this February would be redemptive.  But, on a positive note, March has a prettier birth stone...... so maybe AD just wants a blue stone instead of a purple one???? (BLUE is a better color....)

And since lots of people have told me she will be late (sometimes unsolicited), I really really had the goal of proving everyone wrong. All the walking and bouncing on the yoga ball has helped me progress - but not there yet.  Hopeful soon!  I am accepting that my plans might not work out - but if not, we will just wait to meet her on her eviction date.

Eviction date

To our surprise, at our 36 week appointment, they predicted that baby girl is a bit on the fluffy side - and we can't wait to see her sweet fat little cheeks - but every day she spends "on the inside" is another ounce I have to try to push out. So, we do hope she comes soon. Plus we just really want to meet her!!!  She has as an "eviction date" scheduled so we do have an end date - but my prayer is that she arrives on her own.

My mom arrives tomorrow - which I keep telling AD so hopefully she decides to arrives then!  If not, we have several days of walking, movies, pedicures, etc planned.

I really had hoped not to induce - I am scared of induction the way some ladies are scared of c sections.  However, I really trust my physicians and want what is best for AD so if induction is the way to go, I will put on my big girl (maternity) panties and deal with it.  We pray that this little girl arrives on her own - and that if she doesn't, we can be at peace about it.

The good news...

Whether she comes on her own or is encouraged out on her induction date, she will be here soon.  Hurry up baby girl - we are so so so excited to meet you!! You are already so so so loved!

Monday, February 22, 2016

"I think I can, I think I can" -- 39 week update!

Updates to our blog have been sparse lately. I have been busy wrapping things up at work before maternity leave, getting the final things ready for Anne Douglas, enjoying a few last date nights with Dave - and honestly, sometimes sitting on the couch watching TV when I am just too tired to do anything else!! Hopefully after baby arrives and we settle into a new normal, I will be back up to writing.

I mentioned in my last pregnancy post (36 weeks) that I would try to post weekly until baby girl arrives--- well that was a lie, sorry.  But hey, a 39 week update, yay for me!

Today I am 39 weeks, 1 day - we had a good apt today (although it did not reveal any clues to when baby will arrive) and have an ultrasound on Wednesday to see how big she is and when we should schedule an induction date.

Here is a 39 week bump shot

39 weeks at Mt Vernon - trying to walk this baby out and enjoy a little history on our rare warm winter day this weekend!

Some pictures from the past few weeks....

37 weeks - after Dave and I spent an hour making laps at the mall trying to get ready for labor (too cold to walk outside!)

38 week Valentine date to Botanic Garden

38 week volunteer shift for JLW

8 weeks v 39 weeks - same dress, much different belly

We are eagerly awaiting baby girl - due SUNDAY so hopefully she will arrive within the next week, although she most likely has until around 41 weeks before we take her out by force.  Her car seat is in, her nursery is *mostly* finished, her clothes are washed and her bag is packed.  Now, she just needs to decide to show up. And, yes, I realize that I have a good chance of her arriving late since she is a first baby.  I feel this is a fact that every single person feels the need to tell me.  I am aware, I even will say "she will probably be late" but goodness, I get up hoping every single day that today is the day --- AND I am starting to try some of the "induction" methods - long walks, bouncing on the yoga ball, massage, etc.  I might as well be proactive right? Worst case scenerio - I took a few long walks and got a massage and still had to be induced.  SO the best thing to say to a 38-39 week pregnant lady: Oh wow, you are almost there, any day now! She will be here before you know it! (Also, it never hurts to tell me that I look great! haha)

I am in the weekly appointment stage - so lots of time with my doctors. My body is starting to prep for labor some, but it doesn't appear to be happening at lightening speed. So I am not expecting a baby tomorrow but maybe in a week would be nice!

I am feeling okay, all things considering. I am cramping and sore, extremely swollen, use the restroom every 5 minutes and sleeping maybe 4 hours at night. So yes, uncomfortable and irritable - but not in severe severe pain, etc. I don't have much energy so trying to motivate myself to "nest" and "clean house" before baby's arrival is hard. A little at a time - and if its not done, its not done. I doubt she notices an unmopped kitchen floor, anyways.

I am still working - and am trying to decide what day this week I will start "working from home" and when I will stop all together -- I would like to make it to the end, but its hard because I do not know when the end is! If she is late or we schedule an induction or section then I would likely take the 2-3 days before labor off. I just don't want to waste all of my maternity leave sitting at home waiting on baby.

My current least favorite symptom is severe SWELLING. Seriously, I feel like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have 3 pairs of shoes that fit because my feet and legs are so swollen.  I had a foot massage last week which helped (afterwards, my feet looked like I weighed 300, not 400 pounds so we will call it progress) but now I need another one.  Weight gain has suddenly sky rocketed --I went from a healthy/lower steady weight gain to a lot really quickly.  Its mostly water but still, nothing is more disheartening than working so hard to keep your weight gain down only to have it jump really high in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  I try to remind myself that it's worth it and that so many women would love to be 39 weeks and uncomfortable, so how can I complain too much?

One of the most frustrating things about this stage of pregnancy is that I am constantly looking for "signs" of impending labor - and goodness, ANYTHING could be a sign - for example.......

  • swelling - well, apparently you retain water right before birth
  • weight gain/weight loss - some ladies claim to pack it on the week before the birth (swelling) and some claim they start to lose it - so either way, you can "think" labor is coming
  • cramps - this is your body getting ready for contractions!
  • back pain - the beginning of back labor!
  • a desire to nest - must be because she is on her way!
  • a desire to rest - well my body needs to rest up because of her impending arrival!
  • an active baby - she must be pushing her way down!
  • fewer movements - baby is resting up for delivery, I read that babies are less active right before birth....
The truth is, all of these things - swelling, cramps, back pain - do indeed mean that baby girl will be arriving soon, but it doesn't mean she will be arriving tomorrow! So, I try not to get "too excited" when I have a long day of cramping.  All it means for me is that I am cramping and sometime in the next 2 weeks I will have a baby.

But, one of the best things about this stage of pregnancy is she is SO ACTIVE.  Although I occasionally wish she would "simmer down" haha!  I LOVE feeling her sweet those sweet strong kicks and realizing is soon I won't have that privilege.  For 9 months, for good and bad, she has been mostly mine - and soon I have to share her (In fact, my biggest reason to not want to have a c-section is that I don't want Dave to get to hold her first, I want to get to hold her! ha!)  I know that soon I will have her in my arms but I won't feel her every movement.  (This might make me a bit more comfortable but I will miss her little dance parties in my belly!) Also, I love walking into her nursery and knowing that SOON she will be home. Or obsessing about whether or not she will have hair for all her hairbows, ha!

I am hoping that my next update includes a birth announcement - but sadly, it may include complaining and a 40 week belly picture :) Fingers crossed friends - home stretch.  Our daughter will be here soon, praise the Lord!

Prayers are appreciated - for a safe delivery, healthy baby and healthy mommy! Also, we are praying we don't have to have a section and hopefully not an induction - but know that if that's what's needed when the time comes,  then we are in good hands! I am so thankful to have an all powerful God, doctors I trust and a husband that has my best interest at heart as I know labor can be unpredictable.

Oh and for those who care about my metro seat obsession.... 

Mostly my metro rides have been quite nice - people offer me seats left and right.  I HATE being this big, but it turns out that a large preggo belly and swollen legs have some perks.  I did have one elderly woman snap at me the other day. I was being pushed from behind (as often happens while entering a crowded metro) and I barely bumped into her. I turned to my side to say I was sorry and before I could, she had sighed at me and snapped at me.  I have the most metro problems with elderly folks - I guess they think we are fighting for the same prime metro seat real estate?  I have no clue...

Monday, February 1, 2016

It's FEBRUARY: 36 weeks update

36 weeks - as in 9 months, folks.  Less than 4 weeks til her due date! CRAZY.  In the next few weeks, I will probably update weekly - until you know, she arrives!

SEATGATE 2015/2016: Still getting plenty of seats.  I even had an elderly lady defend my "pregnant" honor.  The other day, when I got on, there were several available seats. I unknowingly sat down in one in an area meant for people who need seats (ie, handicapped, elderly, very pregnant...) which technically I fall into the "need seats" category. Within a few stops, there were no more available seats. I was playing on my phone when an able bodied gray haired (but not elderly) man tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to a sign behind me. I was confused and he pointed again so I turned and looked above and saw the sign said the seats were for those who needed it.  He did not say please or excuse me can I have this seat, he was just demanding and self entitled. Although I felt I was probably in the intended category, I am able to stand so I started to get up and move- but the elderly woman next to me grabbed my arm and said, "Excuse me, but she's pregnant."  The angry gray haired man just looked at me and I told the woman "thank you but I can stand---" and she once again said, "She's pregnant, it's not safe for her to be standing and tossed around."  And so the grumpy man moved along and demanded a seat from someone else.

Yay for good people on the metro - and guess what? She was southern, no surprise there.  Of course, had someone really needed my seat, I would gladly give it up to him or her.  Also, I would have given up my seat to this man to avoid any scene. But, how demanding and entitled??? He was NOT southern, not at all.

How Far Along: 

36 weeks- countdown til baby girl is here! Here is a pic of our girl at Garth last night!

35 weeks in a Blizzard 

Baby Size:
Baby girl is the size of some type of lettuce (romaine, swiss chard, etc) depending on which "chart" you look at.  According to these charts, she is hovering around 5.75-6 pounds and 18.75 inches long. But, when we go in for our appointment tomorrow, maybe we find out more specific measurements.

Maternity Clothes:

Yes - and Dave's sweatshirts. I am a total FATTY now.  I am totally in that BIG stage of pregnancy - oh and the start to swell a lot phase.  So MATERNITY clothing only - and more specifically, maternity clothes that are looser or larger on me are great! (or stretchy!) My cute maternity "skinny" pants are often not an option anymore.


Not well at all. And Dave recently pointed out that I always breathe so loudly and get up a lot so he doesn't sleep too well either.  I guess we are both being prepped for baby girl's arrival and those sleepless nights - although honestly, I wish we could "prep" by having LOTS of sleep!


Yes!! Girl seems to be moving more - which makes me think she is in no hurry to get out as I think one of the signs of impending labor is less movement.  To be fair, she may not be moving more than she was in the past - she may just be bigger so Dave and I can feel stronger movements.  As of the last appointment (34.5 weeks), baby girl is head down - so we are praying she stays that way.

Best Moments of the Past 4 weeks:

WORKING ON AD'S NURSERY!  My sister came and helped organize AD's closet and hang a few pictures and wash clothes - so that was great, because although I could do it by myself, she is much better at organizing. There is a point of organizing where it's messier than it is clean, and that is where I fall apart. But Marley can handle that part!  Also Dave and I worked on the nursery this weekend - we still have a couple more weekends of work but we are close!

Hand washing her smocked newborn daygowns.  That sounds so silly- but its true. During the snowstorm, I hand washed her NB gowns and bonnet and I was so giddy thinking that she will soon be here and wearing those clothes!

Hearing she was still head down! (Way to go, girl!!)


Food Cravings:

Sweets. Cereal. Fruit. good Salads.  

Food Aversions:

Still don't like meat very much.....

What I Miss:

Moscow Mules, White Wine, Sushi

What I Am Looking Forward To:

Moving to the weekly appointments (36-40) - I know these appointments are not supposedly that fun, but to me, it signifies the end. Plus, maybe we can find out "progress" each week!

Putting the final touches on her nursery over the next week or two. Her bedding should be arriving this week (Thanks Bella!)

Finishing packing my hospital suitcase and having it by the door.  Let's be honest - AD's suitcase has been packed (mostly) because well patty gowns, bows and smocked dresses are WAY more fun to pack than "loose clothes" for a "post baby" body haha.

Enjoying our last few moments as a family of two.


AD attended her first concert last night- GARTH! She moved around a lot so she must love music like her daddy! He said "That's my girl."

36 weeks - home stretch. I know 36 weeks is not full term and I would prefer she bake in there a bit longer - but I feel like 36+ weeks is a safe normal time to arrive, so I feel comfortable knowing that if she starts to arrive anytime soon, we are in the "normal" zone.

Pregnancy Symptoms:

 Weight gain, achy hips and lower back, constant bathroom trips, lots of leg cramps, INSOMNIA, ribs hurt. Also, I am now very swollen.  I am trying my best to drink a lot of lemon water and eat healthy because I don't want anything to make me swell more.

I recently have had to to start pushing myself off my seat with my hands - like an old lady. Cant wait to be able to move like I used to again.


A sweet baby GIRL!!! 

Weight Gain:

Ughh, can this be the part of pregnancy where I QUIT telling you my weight gain?  It's higher than I would like - and some of that has been recent.  My body was not gaining a lot and then BAM overnight I put on some weight this week.  (I will get an official number tomorrow but my guess is 25+) I think a lot of the recent weight gain is swelling but even so, I was motivated to return to healthy eating habits (after about a month off) so I went shopping and have a kitchen full of healthy snacks and meals - hoping this keeps my number down. But what I really want to eat is CEREAL.

Sweet baby girl, we will meet you this month! Your daddy and I are super excited and spend ridiculous amounts of time  talking about how ready we are to meet you. You were prayed for and wanted and you will finally be here.  Keep growing strong but know that a week or two early is fine by us! We will be waiting!