Wednesday, September 25, 2013


What's on your fall fashion wish list? I've started thinking about mine!!  Forgive me if some of my items are basic but I plan on buying a few professional clothing items including a new white button down (where did mine go??)

A few items on my fall wish list...

(1) Animal Print flats 

Whats not to love about this trend?

(2) thin solid color sweaters sweater 

These sweaters are perfect to wear with jeans and with pencil skirts - and I already have chunky pears and a chambray shirt, so I could rock this look !!!

(3) Puffer Vest 
I could put my puffer vest with my thin sweater and animal print flats to create this fun weekend outfit...

(4) a crisp white button up 

(boring, yes; BUT necessary and classic. TO BE FAIR, I warned you.....)

(5) colorful pencil skirts (particularly in EMERALD GREEN because its so in style this fall!)

(with my new crisp white shirt and the animal print heels I already own, I could make this look my own!)

(6) boring grown up loafers  

Loafers are perfect comfy metro shoes for on the way to work AND perfect to wear with skinny jeans and a sweater

(7) Cap toe flats

(8) metallic flats

....or if I wanted to combine some of my wish list items...the metallic cap toe flat!!

...OR and animal print metallic cap toe shoe (woooaaahhh 3 wish list items, one shoe)

(9) perfect little work dresses

(10)  with mix and match blazers!

(11) Longchamps tan tote bag  

This is ideal for city living because it's larger than a purse, but not a backpack! I could fit a pair of flats and lunch in one of these totes!

(12) tortoise shell jewelry
Junior High Katy would be tickled pink to know that tortoise shell would one day come back in style!

(13) pave bracelet  - preferably in gold because I already have chunky gold necklaces

(14) Leather skirt....

technically I probably won't purchase this look because I already have a leather skirt, but it's too big on me and this skirt is so sleek, don't you think?? So maybe I can watch til its on sale... :)

(15) A lumberjack shirt

This is a tip of the hat to my favorite country boy....and I do have a perfect pair of cowboy boots to go with this look!



  1. So cute!! If I was rich, I think I'd buy everything on your list! I'm a HUGE fan of work dresses right now--I've got 3 but I'd love to have several more! :)

  2. We must have similar taste because I have three puffer vests from Jcrew, the TB loafers, and the Longchamps bag.