Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our Wedding, Part 4: Those who Love Us Well

The week of our wedding, I wrote this post....and I still 100 percent agree, I am undeservedly blessed to be loved so incredibly well by those in my life.  And I am equally as fortunate to marry a man who was loved well by his family and friends.

Pretty Pretty girlie

Doesn't my sister look lovely here?

The thing is, you don't meet your spouse until a certain age, so a lot of your "shaping" takes place long before you meet your significant other.  My family, friends and bridesmaids all witnessed those "growing" years, those awkward years, the times I learned hard lessons and the times I enjoyed victories and happy moments.  They loved me through the ups and downs, provided shoulders to cry on, were my cheering squad and prayed for me ...and prayed for Dave. I am a better person, a better wife and hopefully a better mother...because of the amazing family God gave me and the many other good people God placed in my life. And although I can't speak for Dave, I am confident that he is a better husband because of the family and friends in his life.

This SEC fan needed a football huddle, although technically, a lot of offenses
don't use huddles anymore....

Someone got a little worn out :(

If you can't beat them, join them...Jack wanted to
sit, pout and avoid pics, so I did too..

Brothers in law

It was such a privilege to celebrate my marriage not only with Dave, but with these people who loved us so well, this group who witnessed our lives, ups and downs and then witnessed our marriage.  I get it now - why people have large weddings. I always understood the sacred aspect of a wedding, the fun party aspect, but I didn't quite get the community aspect. I tried talking Dave into a beach wedding with less than 100 people, but he was right to dissuade me because we were blessed with so many kind people who have loved and prayed and cared for us and the day was better with this community of family and friends celebrating with us.

I am biased, but not blind -- how adorable is
 he in those white knee socks? LOVE

go first before the Lord (we have a picture
 like this from my sister's wedding too)

Dave's sweet sisters

Our wedding day will always make me smile - not simply because of the sweet man I married, but for the sweet people who loved me far before he did. And, thankfully, I have many many people who can and will hold me accountable to the vows I made.

Our Wedding, Part 3: You and Me...and Me and You

One of the best parts of the wedding is that you take pictures with your spouse. Sounds a bit arrogant right? But think about it, taking professional quality photos are something adults rarely do in life. All those perfectly posed family and childhood pictures, but no quality adult keepsake photos!! Every picture I had of myself or the two of us was a quick snapshot. There's nothing wrong with snap shots -- in some ways they are better because they are cheaper, more realistic, possibly even candid shots.  But, occasionally it's nice to have someone who is an expert in photography take the best possible pictures involving good lighting, great angles, etc.

Luckily, when you get married, you are practically guaranteed to have a few good quality "couple pictures" (engagement or wedding photos!)  to frame around the house.  I have already replaced a few framed casual gameday or date night pictures with the professional ones.  Wedding pictures are important to document such a happy day, but the truth is few couples ever get professional pictures taken of just them past their weddings, so I hope Dave and I can remember to have a photographer snap a couple "US" pictures whenever we take professional family pictures.

Dave and I took a lot of our "couple" pictures the month before at our "pre wedding shoot" but we did take several pictures before the ceremony too.  I've included a few favorites :)

Praying for our new life together

Advice for "day of" couple photos and time together on your wedding day:

1. If at all possible, take pictures pre-ceremony. We took a few after the ceremony (ex: confetti shots) but most were before the ceremony so we quickly went to our reception. Also that meant we got to walk out of the ceremony, smile, hug and celebrate being MARRIED not immediately line up for pictures!

2. Smile, relax, enjoy posing with your spouse and be yourself (that's how the photographer catches those precious candid moments) - and if necessary, give the boy a beer to relax. Our post beer pics are better than our pre-beer pics.

3. Do what you want to do -- do you feel like chatting with hubby, squealing, praying, kissing, high fiving -- it's y'alls day so enjoy a few moments together. For me, it was very important that we pray together on our wedding day, so we did. I felt like - amid all the excitement and pictures and cake and dancing - I wanted to keep the day sacred. I loved having that moment with Dave...and I loved that our photographer captured it on film for us!

Right after the ceremony when we realized that we were MARRIED!!!