Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Warm Breaks and Rest

Last month was challenging and frustrating and difficult….and COLD. I mean really cold—snowed a few times (one time it was 6 inches), stayed so cold that the snow couldn’t really melt much so that we had about a week and a half of snow on the ground, cold temperatures (below zero and in teens or lower most of the month) and even colder wind chills (the lowest was -12 degrees). Nothing makes a sad mood even sadder like a few weeks of freezing cold temps!  The cold weather led to lots of nights spent inside, just Dave and me, watching movies, cooking dinner and bundled up! I hit my max on freezing temps, scarves, puffer coats (which might possibly be the best present I received this year for Christmas), gloves and inside time!!

However, the first two days were of February were a welcome break from the cold harsh weather. Sunny weather with temps in the high 40s and even low 50s! Dave and I tried to soak up every bit of sun and warmth before the cold temps, rain and snow return.

My (our) weekend was spent enjoying coconut French toast*, strolling through our neighborhood- walking to my “errands” instead of driving, sipping coffee and chatting up at the coffee shop, getting my hair cut, exploring a neighborhood we haven’t spent much time in yet (Adams Morgan), taking off my big puffer jacket for a couple days, enjoying a date night with drinks at Georgia Brown’s and dinner at Lincoln, thumbing through books at Barnes and Noble, making homemade cookies for the super bowl party (and eating a few ourselves), making shredded barbecue chicken in the crock pot and sipping drinks and watching football with friends on Sunday evening.
 My SHORT haircut. I wanted a more adult haircut and requested shoulder length. I don't hate it, but I think a couple inches longer may be the perfect length for me.
Exploring a few shops in Adams Morgan

 Saturday Happy Hour at Georgia Brown's

My cute date and me at Lincoln (delicious food!)

We have spent so many evenings last month watching Netflix on our couch and covered up in multiple layers, so getting out of the house was so enjoyable!

I’m not stupid. Spring is not yet here and won’t arrive properly for another 2 months. Saturday, I looked ahead on my weather phone app and saw 3 days with snowflakes or ice in the next week and a couple more with rain. On Saturday, I knew the winter was indeed coming back, but I chose to ignore that fact and live fully in the temporary pleasure of sunshine, warm(ish) weather and time with my husband and friends. I needed a break from winter (as did almost everyone else in DC) – and the Lord was good to bless us with a short respite from the cold wintery weather! Although I am sad to see the warm weather go, I feel refreshed and ready to deal with the remaining winter days – not to mention, HOPEFUL that spring is indeed coming again in the near future.

More importantly, I feel like this weekend (Saturday, particularly) was a welcome break from job searching, personal frustrations, circumstances, chores, etc. I took a break from life’s stress and difficulties for a day or two, knowing that they would be waiting for me on Monday morning. I’m a big believer in continuing to push forward when life has hard moments, but I also believe sometimes you have to take a break to enjoy life’s blessings and regroup. An evening of good conversation, a glass or two of wine, a delicious meal, a funny movie, laughter or maybe even an early bedtime can do the heart wonders. Taking a break from life’s stresses won’t solve all your problems, but it will give you a chance to rest before diving back in.

This past Saturday, I enjoyed the “break” from winter in more ways than one. I am thankful for a God that gives rest to the weary (and warm weather to the cold!)

** Coconut French Toast was not a special recipe.  It is simply the use of coconut milk instead of cow’s milk when making French Toast. It was an improvision because we were out of milk. However, it did give the toast a slight coconut flavor which was refreshing so it motivated me to look up this recipe and this one  too.  Dave loves him some coconut, so I think I may have to try this one lazy weekend morning!

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