Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Wedding, Part 2: Pre-Party (Bridesmaid's Brunch and Getting Ready)

There are probably few mornings more exciting than the morning of your wedding day.  I'm not super cheesy, but I truly did feel gleeful and excited all day long -- like annoying little Disney birds chirping while I sing type of happy. There's plenty of stress involved in preparing for marriage and planning a wedding.  There are solemn moments along the way as you realize what a  huge decision you are making - but honestly, my main emotion on my wedding day was pure excitement.  I know some people feel nervous or stressed, but on the wedding day, I was just joyful. Whatever problem came along, I knew our wedding planner or my mom could handle.  I was such a giddy bride because I couldn't believe I finally got to marry my sweet guy and because the Lord was faithful to answer my prayers.

I mentioned earlier that D and I weren't traditional in all aspects of our marriage, particularly our pre-wedding day shoot. Another "non traditional" element is that we saw each other that morning.  After the rehearsal dinner, D and I went out for drinks at the Library Lounge with our bridal party.  When we finally left, we realized that we never figured out where he was staying for the night.  He didn't want to wake his family or try to find a place to stay for one nights, so he begged me to stay at my parents house.  I wasn't crazy about the idea (nor was my mom) - but at midnight, and with a throbbing mouth (I won a free teeth whitening which I brilliantly scheduled for the day of our rehearsal), it just wasn't worth the fight. My one attempt at disagreeing was claiming that I would see him in the morning and that would break with tradition, but D was clever enough to remind me of our pre-wedding shoot and all my claims for tradition were moot. So, I caved and made him a pallet.

Night of the Rehearsal

And, you know what? It wasn't the worse thing I ever did.  I woke up giddy and excited and I was able to share that with him.  Poor guy was still asleep when I shook him just to wake him up and happily remind him that it was our wedding day.  I made him breakfast and chatted with him before he left and I got ready to head to my bridal brunch.  Looking back, I am glad we had that relatively normal morning to be together and  laugh and  celebrate and address important questions like "who's dropping our suitcases at the hotel?" and "what time does our flight leave tomorrow?" Also, I loved starting my wedding day off with my groom. Even though we then split up for several hours, the day began and ended together.  That wasn't planned, but it turned out to be really precious.

My mom and I got ready for the bridesmaid's brunch and ran a few errands (Who waits to buy wedding jewelry for their MOB dress until day of wedding?) before heading to my sister's in law's house where a few family friends planned the perfect poolside brunch. My sister's bridesmaid's brunch was the most relaxed brunch I had ever been to -- laying out by the pool, painting nails, yummy breakfast food. I wanted something similar so everyone got to relax pre-wedding. And, the brunch was perfect -- a preppy navy and green Lilly Pulitzer pool day, complete with poolside cocktails, Lilly Plates and navy monogrammed napkins. (Sadly I don't have many pictures of the bridesmaid's brunch)

Mrs. Amy-- one of my second mammas who planned my Navy and Green Lilly shower because she knows I love all things preppy, Lilly and summery!

My sweet bridesmaid, Kristen, who also did our invitations and programs. Check out her shop here.

Bathing suit, sundress and floppy hat with a veil!

I've mentioned this before, but I have the best group of friends from different stages of life - girls who have seen me at my best and worst, who have loved me and challenged me and prayed for me, who made my life infinitely better. It was wonderful to leisurely enjoy the morning with them.

After the brunch, my sisters, mom and I got our hair and makeup done then ran by my parent's house to pick up all our wedding attire. We headed to the venue to primp and get ready.

Walking into the venue was so exciting. I wasn't completely sure what the reception area would look like.  About a month before the wedding, D got a job in DC, moved and we were looking for housing (with one of us still in Mississippi), so at one of our final planning appointments, I told the florist/caterer and wedding planner that I trusted them to figure out the little details.  They knew I wanted a modern clean feel, and they knew my few "must haves", but the rest was up to them. It was the best decision I made. Not only was my plate a little less full, but walking into the venue was an exciting surprise.  They far surpassed any of the decorating decisions I could have made!

Seeing the wedding details for the first time!

I know a lot of people get ready with their bridesmaids, but the bathroom at the venue was only big
enough for my sisters, mom and me....and it was special to spend the time getting ready with them. 

I love Navy so of course I needed Navy wedding shoes!

A little help from my sisters

Gotta get that garter on!

My something borrowed was my mother's pearl bracelet

This picture wasn't planned -- I said my flowers smelled good after the bridal "pose with flowers" pic and my mom wanted to smell!

 We took a few traditional "getting ready" pics before I hade my second "first look" with D....and this was the first look where we were excited and nervous and sharing our feelings about the day.  We were able to take time to pray together then enjoy laughing and pictures together.  I definitely believe you should have a first look....it makes for a more relaxed day for everyone, plus its special time alone :)
I am biased, but he sure is handsome! Check out those baby blues!

Walking to see my groom!

Moments alone

I'm a planner by nature (except wedding planning, a lot of that just stressed me out!).  I love anticipation. I love eagerly looking forward to a special time.  I find almost as much joy in getting ready for a big trip, event or holiday as I do at the event itself! So, getting ready for the ceremony -- with family and friends and D was special and full of anticipation. D was nervous (about being in front of so many people, not marrying me-- or at least he claims that it wasn't me!)  and I am sure other people felt stressed too, but I only felt excitement as we prepared to say I do!

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