Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Book Lovers: What are you reading this Summer?

Summer time is fast approaching - and I, for one, am incredibly excited!! Although summer is not nearly as fun now that I am an adult without a summer break, the next few months will include fewer meetings, a few sets of visitors, plenty of outdoor time, 2-3 vacations and lots of pool time. (side note: my body is nowhere near "pool ready" so I have no idea why I am excited by pool season.....)

But one of my favorite things about summer is that life slows down.  People are in and out of town. There are fewer meetings. August Recess can lead to a slow work month. Even Sunday School is cancelled. So, I have time for sleeping in, outdoor movies, happy hours, hikes, trying new recipes, exploring the city AND of course, a little more reading! I tend to read a decent amount throughout the year - BUT the warmer months give me the perfect excuse to curl up with a cocktail and a lounge chair and dive into some fun summer reads (or when really hot, an excuse to whole up inside with a book, soda and the air on full blast!)

Last year, I compiled a summer reading list based on recommendations from others. I read several of the books on that list -- and a few other books that I discovered along the way. I had an over 50 percent success rate - read 9 on my list, but 7 remain unread.  I got distracted by life - and other books that weren't listed! Here is a follow up on what I read and did not read from last year's summer list.

Books off last year's list that I read: A Praying Life, Divergent (actually, I read the whole series!), The Fault in Our Stars, Someday Someday Maybe, What Alice Forgot, Unbroken, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, Bread and Wine (followed by 2 other Shauna Niequist books later in the year), The Nesting Place

Books I did not read: One Thousand Gifts, Unglued,The Sweet Life in Paris, 11 Principles of  Reagan Conservative, I Am Mahala, The Right Thing, Natchez Burning

Memorial Day is this coming Monday -- unofficially kicking off the summer season, so I am starting to plan the books I want to read over the coming months. Some of last year's books might make the list again this year (in hopes that I read them!) But, I would love some additional suggestions!

I have two goals this summer with regards to reading: 1) Join the local library and 2) read 2/3's of the books on my list!

So, come on book lovers. I want all categories -- Christian books, Bestsellers, Thrillers, Political, fluffy chick lit! So give me all your suggestions!

What books have you read lately?
What books are your friends talking about?
What books made you laugh? think deeply? were pure fluff perfect for umbrella drinks and beach towels?


  1. I think you'd really like One Thousand Gifts! I read it and enjoyed it! I also just finished Before Amen by Max Lucado and really enjoyed it.