Friday, August 14, 2015

Beach Bums

"Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise" - Rascal Flatts

Summer is quickly passing by - and what a fun summer it's been!  Since I kindof stepped away from blogging to enjoy relaxing, I thought I would do a little catch up. In mid June, my family all met up in Florida at the beach! Well, everyone came except my brother who was in summer school and was supposed to be able to come but then there were changes in class dates, test dates, professor, etc -- poor guy had to stay home and we missed him.  Not quite a family vacation without him!!

We headed to one of my FAVORITE places -- the beaches of 30A which is a 2 lane highway that runs along a strip between Destin and Panama City.  This area is more cute little beach towns, local restaurants, cute shops and less big condo buildings and put put golf parks! If you are southern, you have probably been to this slice of heaven - and if you are not southern, you might want to look it up and consider it for your next vacation. The beaches are white fine sand with lovely emerald water. It's very family friendly - and if you stay in a little beach town/community, you can walk everywhere!

We stayed in the Seacrest community- which is right next to Rosemary Beach, so we got to enjoy the benefits of both little communities!

The past winter was a rough one - and I so desperately needed to get away, stick my toes in the sand, dive into a book, enjoy a great cocktail and get some sun - with some of my favorite people. Dave and I were so counting down for weeks.  We are used to spending portions of our summers in Florida (and sadly, Maryland beaches just don't compare!) so we were so eager to get back! You would have thought we were planning a trip to Hawaii of Mexico with our level of excitement! Nope, "just" Florida!!

I love the way my family does the beach -- we eat in most nights. We come back to the house mid-day to have a casual lunch. We wear casual clothes and rarely put on makeup.  We sip cocktails and play board games (although none were played this year??) and watch movies and just relax. There is no pressure to try local restaurants or get gussied up! We just relax! 

I miss Florida beaches. Dave and I have talks about when we will move back south - and I must admit, 2 big pulls (right behind family and friends) is to be closer to beaches and college football (and hunting and fishing, for Dave) These two things are so much a part of me - and I feel a bit more myself when I am there.

When we left, I told Dave that I was sad because I am a better version of myself at the beach! It's true! I love to travel - but when touring cities and countries, I stay incredibly busy. However, travelling to the beach forces me to slow down, take walks, enjoy conversations, laugh and relax.  It's an excuse to not be overly planned, organized - a chance to just be!

Here are some pictures from our time in Florida. I usually got up with my nephew, Gil, and we went on a walk.  A couple mornings, I took Jack for "chocat donies"  We usually split our days between the pool and the beach and enjoyed lovely homemade meals in the evening!  Such happy moments!

we are "in this" together

Entertaining the nephew - by letting him bury me....

Love this pool!

our little slice of paradise for the week......

this kid can put away some donuts and some ice cream (his two fav. foods!)

Morning Walks with Gilbo!

Everyone's favorite children's doctor - always being a goofball!

Love me some sweet gil and his mama!

On his way to the beach for the very first time!

We are "close"

Pool Time with Mom!

Jack loved castle building more than the ocean (my uncle builds AMAZING castles -- maybe Jack will follow in his footsteps???)

Oh to be young and thin enough to willingly have a bikini picture taken and posted on social media....

With my dad....

I was fortunate enough to get to have ice cream with this college friend followed by dinner with some law school friends.

That's just a little peek into our first summer vacation (our second vacay happens to be in early September, so a fall vacation I guess?)  We alternate family vacations each year - so next time, we will take time go out of town with Dave's family and we are so excited for that getaway.  When we go home to Mississippi, we have extended family and friends to see, plus often times, our parents or siblings still have work to do! Or, we are home for an event or holiday which is always busy! So, vacations away with just our immediate family mean a lot of time together, no obligations or distractions!

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