Friday, September 18, 2015

Pregnancy Weeks 1-17

If you are a lover of blogs that share weekly pregnancy updates, then you are going to need to look elsewhere. I think my weekly updates would be quite boring, but I will try to update every few weeks. 

Pregnancy Update - Weeks 1 through 17

We found out we were pregnant in June while we were at the beach (Well I say it was at the beach, but Dave didn't believe we were pregnant until we got back to Mississippi and I took a digital test that actually said the word, "pregnant")   I should add that if you are trying to get pregnant, I highly suggest you go on a trip during your "wait" as it keeps you busy - although be prepared for the fact that once you see that second line, you have to quit drinking lovely summer cocktails ha! (totally worth it though!) With the first baby, we waited a few weeks to tell our parents and siblings (on Christmas Day) partly for the fun of telling them on a holiday and partly due to the the whole "be practical and make sure this is going to last" advice.  But, we wouldn't be home again for awhile and I knew Dave wanted to tell them in person, so we did.  So 4 weeks pregnant, we shared with our closest family - actually quite early to tell anyone but after a miscarriage and 2 chemical pregnancies, it was probably wise to have people praying for us and checking on us. 

This pregnancy has been a balance of rejoicing and holding our breath.  Once you have experienced the worst in pregnancy, it's hard not to fear the same happening again. It's an act of constantly giving over your fears to God and failing at trust often.  I feel like Hannah in the Bible, having to trust this sweet girl with the Lord, knowing she was more His child than my own.  We were cautious and a bit slower to celebrate, but it was important that we talked about this baby like it was a baby and not a "possibility"  One of the things I don't regret about our first child was the fact that we celebrated every moment.  A baby is a gift and I didn't want to miss that.  I still call the first baby, "Baby R" and since that child never got an official name, I feel like this little nickname will forever be representative of that baby - so we called this little one "R2" (but we weren't upset when other called the baby, Baby R! We just preferred to use R2 ourselves)  Our doctors have been great.  They let us come in for an early ultrasound - and then I came in every two weeks until 16 weeks. They jokingly said I could come daily if I felt the need to, but we felt every 1-2 weeks would do (I could keep coming in that often if I wanted, but at this point, we are fine with moving back to the regular schedule) Hearing or seeing that heartbeat every couple weeks was a great comfort and I couldn't be more pleased with my medical care.  (A different topic for a different day: our society seems to have developed a distrust for doctors, a belief that they are in it for the money or don't truly care about their patients' needs - that may occasionally be true, but in reality, I feel that there are far more good physicians than bad ones. My experience has been that these men and women do really want the best for their patients.)

God has weaved sweetness and redemption throughout this pregnancy.  A huge example being that on the week our first baby (lost at 12 weeks) was due, we had our 12 week appointment and saw a healthy heartbeat and an active little baby. Passing that milestone brought joy to a rough week.  I read the book  Bittersweet in February right after our loss - and now I feel keenly aware of how bittersweet life really is, full of hard and good, all mixed together.

This weekend, my pregnancy will "turn 17 weeks."  I have a tracker on my computer that says I am currently (at 16 weeks, 5 days) 42% through with my pregnancy.  That seems like it is moving really quickly - and at the same time, it seems like it's moving quite slowly as well.  Quickly because I am just starting to look pregnant (and not just chubby) and because we just announced to family and friends over the past few weeks and to social media last week! Slowly because it feels like I spent months and years and decades feeling like crap, so how can I not be closer to my due date yet???? Still a long way to go!

13 weeks

14 week bump

16 weeks

How Far Along: 

Just shy of 17 weeks!

 Baby Size:

At 17 weeks, baby is the size of an onion - 5.1 inches and about 6 ounces!

Maternity Clothes:

I am MOSTLY in maternity clothes, probably started wearing maternity clothes between weeks 12 or 13 - although some are still too big for me - and I do mix and match the maternity pieces with some of my regular dresses and tops.

This is personally an irritating subject for me.Women love to brag about how they didn't need maternity clothes until later on in pregnancy, how they didn't show that early, etc.  One girl recently told me that she doesn't need maternity clothes because her clothes still fit. She can even wear her jeans with the "rubber band" trick.  LET ME CLARIFY - if you have to use a rubber band or belly band, your clothes don't still "fit".  If you live in loose tops and leggings but can't wear a pair of jeans, then your clothes don't still "fit".  That's totally fine that you choose to do these things in the "in between" time when your clothes get tight but maternity clothes seem big, but don't play it off like you still fit into your skinny jeans!

I am in an office environment so normally I wear a LOT of fitted pants and skirts M-F. No leggings or loose tops, etc During weeks 12 and 13, when those started pulling and looking too tight, I skipped past the belly band and rubber band stage and went straight to maternity clothes (luckily I had several pieces already thanks to my sister's hand me downs and to my mom hitting up a GAP sale) It's just a preference - some prefer to make their regular clothes work a little longer, but I thought - I have pants that will fit - or pants that I have to tie with a rubber band? hmmm, I will just go with the pants that fit!


Not too bad.  I just have needed a LOT of it!


Not yet. Occasionally, I feel like I have a "flutter" but I won't call it baby movement til its CLEAR.

Best Moment The Past 17 weeks:

So many good moments - finding out we were pregnant again and sharing with our families.  Making it past the 12 week mark (when we lost our first baby). Entering the second trimester!Finding out the gender. Naming her. Announcing our daughter's arrival to friends, family and social media!

Food Cravings:

Not many cravings, more aversions!!  First Trimester, all I could handle was carbs - and I liked COLD things. Now I crave sweets a bit more. During week 14 - first week that I was back to eating beef, I wanted burgers!

Food Aversions:

First trimester, I did not like most meat, cheese, anything spicy or with flavor, ice cream (too rich) I still have aversions to some spices, seafood, meats and veggies - but not all!

What I Miss:

Am I a lush if I say alcohol?  Also I miss raw sushi!

What I Am Looking Forward To:

Getting past 20 weeks. Looking pregnant instead of FAT! Starting her nursery!


Making it past 12 weeks, Making it to second trimester, finding out the gender!

Pregnancy Symptoms:

First trimester: bloating, cramping, lots of nausea, fatigue, some heartburn (occasional), headaches, a little acne.

Newest symptom: ITCHY SKIN! Round ligament pain. 


A sweet baby GIRL!!! (we paid to do a gender ultrasound at 14 weeks - TOTALLY WORTH IT)

Weight Gain:

4-5 pounds (BTW, don't think I will always tell you this)  


  1. Thank you for your "maternity clothes" assessment! I had to start the rubber band trick around weeks 8 or 10 to be able to keep wearing my regular pants to work. I wound up buying my first pair of maternity jeans by week 12 because it was getting painful to get by with what I had. I spent the first four months obsessing over if I was gaining too much or getting too big too quickly because of how others keep going on over how you "don't show" until the second trimester. Marley and Bech can attest that I was showing when they saw me at week 10. It's very difficult to be tired and hormonal then have to worry about if you're doing something "wrong" when the pregnancy has barely started.

    1. Yes, thank you! I mean, I haven't even gained a ton of weight (YET - I know it's coming) but the reality is the weight is all in one place - my belly - so my pants felt tighter beginning in week 8. I don't like tight clothes so I went ahead and moved over to maternity clothes a few weeks later. Sure, my leggings still fit - but I mean, will leggings ever quit fitting? But work clothes, nope, couldn't wear them and be comfortable!

      And, you are quite tiny - of course you were going to show earlier! Ridiculous!! You are PLENTY healthy!

  2. Katy - I haven't read any posts in awhile, and am so deeply sorry to hear about your loss earlier in the year, but excited for your newest blessing. I think it is great that you shared since miscarriages are something that happen often, but it seems no one ever talks about. Also, maternity clothes - Yes! Someone once told me that she didn't have to wear maternity clothes at 30+ weeks. You want that baby to be healthy!

  3. Great post, my dear! I started getting itchy skin a few days ago...have you found a good cure? Is it just dry? (I KNOW I need to use more lotion)