Friday, December 4, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 7 months!

I can't believe it's time for another 4 week update.  Time has flown this past month - I am sure travel and holidays helped the days pass quickly!  I can't believe we are already at the 7(ish) month mark and will meet our daughter in about 2-3 months. CRAZY.  Still so much to do!

SEATGATE 2015: For those who know me well, you know my biggest pregnancy goal was to be offered seats on the metro.   I consider a metro seat to be the Ultimate Preggo Perk.  I had some early luck a few weeks ago(2 seats offered in the span of 1 week),  but since then, I have had no more success. Rude, rude, rude.  Especially when you sit AND stare at my large belly. Folks, you can hate on my home state of Mississippi all you want, but this lack of chivalry would not happen in the hospitality state.  Not that Mississippi has a metro, but if it did, pregnant ladies would be offered those seats.

How Far Along: 

28 weeks (approximately 7 months) this weekend!

The past few weeks....

25.5 weeks - 2 working girls!

26 weeks at Falling Water

27 weeks at the Atlantic Shore

 Baby Size:
At 28 weeks, baby girl weighs in somewhere between 2.25 and 2.5 pounds and is 14-15 inches long and is the size of an eggplant (Dave wishes that the food comparisons were things that he likes to eat - like, today, your baby is the size of a NY Strip, etc...)

Maternity Clothes:

Yes - and now that it's holiday season, I will be rocking cocktail maternity lets hope lace and fancy fabrics distracts from the bump haha!


Not sleeping well, thanks to multiple bathroom trips, leg cramps, aches and pains in my back and hips.  It's getting where Dave, me, my belly and the body pillow don't all fit in the double bed very easily.  I already made Dave promise that next pregnancy, we must have a queen or king bed haha!  I still fall asleep fairly easily so if I can make myself go to bed earlier, I tend to get more ZZZs.


Yes! And finally, during the past 4 weeks, Dave has begun to feel her.  Little girl is kicking a lot.  She shifted down lower which made it easier to feel her - PLUS, she is bigger so her taps are a bit stronger.  Love those sweet kicks.  As a mama, the past 6 or so weeks have been a lot more comforting as I know she is okay because I can feel her moving around.

Best Moment of the Past 28 weeks:

Dave feeling her kick! Crossing into 3rd trimester!

Food Cravings:

Sweets. Cereal. Fruit. good Salads.  

Food Aversions:

Baby girl is still not a big lover of meat. I mean, I eat it, but I sure don't crave it!

What I Miss:

Wine and sushi.

What I Am Looking Forward To:

Decorating the nursery! Most of the furniture is up and we are starting to order prints and mom and I are looking at fabrics.  Also, we have a month of showers so I look forward to celebrating Anne Douglas all month!


Booked a daycare.  Put up Furniture.  Daddy felt her kick.  Toured the hospital.

AD's milestones: THIRD TRIMESTER!! She is now better at breathing and experiencing hiccups and coughs.  She is starting to fatten up for birth and this process will happen over the next 8-12 weeks - so she is a skinny version of what she will look like on delivery day!  Her lungs are maturing, she can hear voices and may be starting to recognize mine. Eyebrows and Eyelashes are visible. Baby can even dream now (although what is she dreaming about? She has no idea what the world looks like....)

Pregnancy Symptoms:

 Weight gain, achy hips and lower back, constant bathroom trips, and lots of leg cramps (3 last night...)


A sweet baby GIRL!!! 

Weight Gain:

Between 17 and 18 pounds!  Four weeks ago, it was 12-13 pounds but I predicted that we were hitting a growth spurt. Looks like I was right as we gained about 5 pounds in 4 weeks.  I try to eat healthy most of the time even if I am eating more, but I find that it doesn't matter too much. If I eat junky food or healthy food, I gain the same amount!!  At least the meat and veggies and oatmeal are keeping her healthy!

To compare, here is how much I have grown in 8 weeks - about 9 pounds and a LOT of inches haha. Oh and I gained a severe preggo face.  I may not like the aches and pains associated with being bigger, but it is nice to look clearly pregnant.  I don't think many people look at me and think "too many donuts or baby?" anymore. 

20 weeks v. 28 weeks

Sweet baby girl, we can't wait to meet you and get to know your unique personality!!! Keep growing big and strong and we will see you soon! Also, if you would like to not stand on Mommy's bladder, that would be nice too :)


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    1. Thanks, you are sweet. I feel like I am getting bigger by the day - but its all worth it!

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