Monday, January 4, 2016

32 Weeks!

I can't believe I am 32+ weeks pregnant.  Seriously, we are under 2 months until baby girl is here. CRAZY.  It seems like it has gone slowly and quickly all at once.  Likewise, when I think of all we have left to do -  7-8 weeks seems like not enough time to get it done - and at the same time, how can we wait that much longer?

SEATGATE 2015/2016:  This is my "golden" time.   I look like I am with child- ain't no doubt about it.  There is no passing glance of "Is she just chubby?" or "Maybe she ate a big lunch"  I am clearly pregnant - and I would say, clearly very pregnant. So, bring it on, winter metro rides: I am CERTAIN to have several seat offers.  In fact, I was offered a seat TWICE this morning.  Laugh all you want - but there are few perks to being big, achy and swollen - so let me have my small joys, okay?

How Far Along: 

32 weeks as of this past weekend!

This picture was taken on Bourbon Street before the Sugar Bowl because my sister and I thought it would be hilarious to take a picture of a very preggo women on one of America's most notorious party streets. (Its okay if you think this is silly - pregnancy humor is not for everyone!)

The past few weeks....

31.5 weeks (maternity photos in Mississippi)

29 weeks (bridesmaid duties)

 Baby Size:
Baby girl is 3.75 pounds - the size of a spaghetti squash. (yum, I love spaghetti squash)  She is almost 17 inches long.  Baby girl will gain about a half pound a week now as she fattens up for delivery!

Maternity Clothes:

Nope, not really....haha, this is a joke question at this point right??  


Eh- not fabulous, but that's too be expected. I consider it preparation for sleepless nights during the first year of motherhood.


Yes!! Lots - although baby girl is still pretty stubborn, so if I tell you she is kicking and you place your hand on my stomach, she will immediately stop.  I think she senses the pressure so she stops. I am convinced that she does this intentionally - which makes her brilliant or difficult or possibly both. This frustrated my family - and it frustrates Dave- although I think if you are willing to sit with your hand on my belly for awhile, you will catch her. 

She has also been flipping around a lot which is occasionally uncomfortable but is a good thing as the doctor believes that she is finally head down instead of transverse.

Best Moment of the Past 4 weeks:

Hmmm...  baby showers, reaching the less than 2 month mark, metro seats (I am sorry, my best moments are sometimes lame)

Food Cravings:

Sweets. Cereal. Fruit. good Salads.  

Food Aversions:

Still don't like meat very much.....

What I Miss:

Wine and sushi.

What I Am Looking Forward To:

Getting stuff done!! December was crazy - 3 showers, Christmas, a wedding, parties, travel.  January is my get ready for baby months!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE lists so this week I am making a huge "baby to do" list - and we are crossing items off every weekend: decorating the nursery, taking our birthing class (all day Sunday), calling my insurance company, washing and sorting her clothes (and buying anything we still need), finding a newborn photographer, etc.  I feel a bit overwhelmed with all we have left to do- but I think as we accomplish a few things each weekend, I will feel a bit more ready.  Also, as Dave says - so long as we have a few clothes and a crib, we could make do if she came early and we weren't ready. But, you know how we ladies are - I want her to come home to a decorated nursery with her clothes neatly put up!!.

Oh, I am also looking forward to LOTS of time this month with Dave before I have to share him with another little lady. Plus lots of movies and eating at restaurants. Date night every weekend haha!


AD attended her first College Football Game (yay REBELS) and celebrated her first Christmas.  

Oh, and pregnancy-wise - she is now head down (stay that way please) and some would consider her 8 months (32 weeks!)

Pregnancy Symptoms:

 Weight gain, achy hips and lower back, constant bathroom trips, lots of leg cramps - AND my newest symptom: feeling like I am bruised in my upper ribs - or like someone kicked me in ribs.  The doctor said that my body is just running out of room for my organs - which, you know, is a perfectly reasonable explanation but also made me feel like I must be as big as a cow if there is so much baby and fat in me that my kidney or gall bladder is starting to feel squished. Pregnancy is so sexy.


A sweet baby GIRL!!! 

Weight Gain:

According to the Dr's office, 19 pounds. According to my calculations, 21 pounds - but you know what, lets just go ahead and say that doctors know more than I do and call it 19!  My biggest accomplishment of the past 4 weeks is that I lost a pound between my 30 week and 32 week appointments.  It's funny the things I count as successes now....also, I am sure I will make up for it with a big ole gain at my next appointment!

Sweet baby girl, we are counting down and SO SO excited.  I keep thinking about who you will be- will you be quiet and sweet or outspoken and brave?  Prissy or a tomboy?  Athletic or artsy? Silly or serious? And, goodness, with our mixture of family genes, will you be blonde or brunette? (Also, please have hair because I really want to put bows in your hair!)    Honestly, based on who your parents are - you will *probably* be strong willed (like me) and stubborn (like daddy) -- which may get you into some trouble but would make you quite the leader!  

Also, know that you are very loved.  You were very spoiled over the past month with showers and Christmas.  I think your Bella bought you every smocked dress that Remember Nguyen had so you will be very well dressed!  Keep growing strong - and please know that we would gladly welcome you at 38 or 39 weeks, so you know, keep that in mind when deciding your birth date....

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