Friday, March 28, 2014


Today, for the first time ever, I participated in a fun friday exercise called "Five Minute Friday."  The exercise is listed every friday on Lisa Jo Baker's blog and I've seen other bloggers participate, but I never have. The concept is pretty simple-- you're given a topic and you are supposed to spend five minutes writing a short focused post on the topic, no worries of perfection or what others think or how it sounds, just what comes to mind. As y'all know, I haven't been the best blogger recently (due to time constraints) and I am trying to get back into it-- I can give 5 minutes (or in my case, 8 minutes because I didn't set a timer) Oh, and feel free to link up too.

This week's prompt was: MIGHTY.

Honestly, I don’t feel very mighty at the moment. I feel pretty small and weak.  I have work, but not a position I would like yet. I’m watching others around me hurt- and wait- and suffer…and there is little I can, other than love them, pray for them, encourage them. That makes me feel not very mighty; it makes me feel helpless and stuck.

Despite feeling helpless, I, do, however, feel grateful…grateful to have work, a sweet husband, an income, a home, friends. So, I don’t feel sad or distraught, just a little stuck. I have my rough days, but I am so very happy.

I’m the type of person who keeps pressing on (which is a beneficial trait to have in a tough town like DC) but I am also the type of person who feels overwhelmed and discouraged very easily.  I have to give myself a lot of pep talks to help myself feel strong enough to face certain situations or to keep going when the going gets tough. And, sometimes I have felt like a failure to myself and others for not being the type of person who pushes through without tears, who keeps a straight face and doesn’t show stress, pain or frustration.  I press on, but I don’t do so very mightily. I press on, weakly, in fear.

But, here’s the thing. I don’t have to be mighty. I really don’t. Scripture tells us that when we are weak, then He is strong and that HIS power is made perfect in OUR weakness. What a comfort!! It’s okay to be weak because my weakness is just an avenue the Lord can use to show HIS MIGHT. In fact, I think the best examples of His power are always shown in hard rough weak times. So, I am clinging to HIS MIGHT in day to day life and the best I can do for others is to encourage them to do the same. My might comes only through trusting and holding on to Him.

The Lord is MIGHTY. He will FIGHT for us…we need only to be silent. Maybe the safest place for me to be is at my weakest.


  1. I understand your struggle so well! I couldn't stay away from that dichotomy of strength found in weakness during my five minutes either. Thanks for sharing your words. Continue to press on as you love and encourage the hurting around you! Stopping by from Lisa-Jo's

  2. Glad you joined the Five Minute Friday. Sounds like God is working in you to do mighty things. Don't give up. Keep on the path He has set before you. You'll feel His strength in your life every day you put your trust in Him. Keep writing. The world needs to hear your story! You are an awesome and amazing woman.