Friday, April 4, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Why I WRITE

Today's 5 minute post: WRITER. You can join in on the 5 minute fun at Lisa-Jo Baker's website.

I’ve always loved writing…journals, letters, love notes, prayers. There is something very therapeutic about putting my thoughts and feelings in ink. Sometimes, when I am stressed, I even jot down a prayer on a post it note, just to see the words formed on the paper before throwing it away.  Sure, I could pray aloud or silently, but there is something comforting and official about seeing my thoughts and prayers expressed openly and honestly on a piece of paper.

Also, I have some form of ADD. I am not hyperactive, just a bit scattered in my thoughts.  Luckily, I am also fairly disciplined so I taught myself to function without medication, but I still feel my thoughts come out a bit jumbled at times. I think this encourages me to write. When writing, I can cross out, erase, edit until my words express what I really mean. I think this is why research and writing was my favorite part of law school (and work). It might take longer than speaking, but it gave me time to put my best thoughts forward in the most concise, convincing way.

BUT, I mainly love writing because it’s a way to encourage. Almost everyone has a treasured note from a friend hanging on her bulletin board or tucked between the pages of a Bible. I have received exactly 2 love notes from Dave (he doesn’t share my same love of writing, obviously, although he is great about sending sweet short emails and texts) and I treasure them both, saving and rereading each one.  I’ll even reread encouraging texts from family and friends filled with Bible verses, encouraging wishes or quotes.  That’s what is so special about words and writing. Written words can be experienced over and over. Writing enables us to form our words in a way that can uplift another-- not just at the moment, but in moments to come. That's what I want my words to be-- a spring of hope and understanding that the reader can return to when discouraged. In fact, that’s why I started blogging after law school. I’m so encouraged by the kind words and honesty of others, so I wanted to attempt to use words to encourage and relate to other young professional women. And since then, it has become quite a hobby!


  1. Great post. I read recently that introverts express themselves better in writing than with speaking...that was a comfort to me. Your comments about jumbled thoughts and the ability to cross out is comforting too as sometimes I've wondered if I'm really a writer when it seems to come out wrong at first. I'm so guilty of editing before I hit publish for FMF. Perfectionism...another weakness. Ugh. Visiting from FMF (using www.mywordstudy), but had to comment via my site. Blessings....

  2. Love your reasons for writing! Beautiful (& great quotes too). How true it is that "I don't know what I think until I read what I say" lol :) Glad I'm not the only one.

    I found you via 5-minute friday! Keep up the great work.

  3. I enjoyed your work with the writer prompt today! Thank you so much for sharing. I can see myself in so much of what you wrote. I too often write a prayer down on a slip of paper. Writing helps me organize my own thoughts which often come jumbling out in a crazy string. Your thoughts about the written word are perfectly on point. Dropping by from FMF. Have a lovely weekiend!