Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25- Five on Friday!

I've become the worst blogger ever...because life has been crazy busy, but that's about to change to just busy....because I quit my part time job -- my last day is next week.  It was nice to have extra cash, and the experience was good, but we don't need the money and I was tired all the time and hardly saw my husband or friends.  I'm glad to return to normal work hours! And Dave is excited to have me at home on evenings again (mainly because I will be cooking more often again!!)

To jump back into blogging, I am going to join in all the fun with FIVE ON FRIDAY. My sister shares five things every friday, as do many other bloggers I've read.  I've even joined in a few times, so here goes....


This weekend, we went to Pennsylvania to spend Easter with my adorable nephew Jack (and Marley and Bech). Jack is at such a fun WILD age.  He stays busy all day long and loves to be silly. Even though I don't always know what he is saying or thinks is so funny, his craziness makes me laugh! I love seeing his little personality. He is definitely a funny guy.


I am in love with this you tube video. I usually don't go crazy for animal videos, but I absolutely love the walrus doing his workout! The situps are my favorite!! I am pretty sure I look like this when I work out!

Watch it, it will make your friday!

I am currently obsessed with DC spring and summer -- the weather is usually pretty, although we still have a few chilly days here in DC.  I love the warmer weather and I have all these grand plans for spring and summer including lots of patio sitting, outdoor movies, beach trips, boating on the potomac, baseball games, bike rides, etc.   The long winter has made spring even more amazing.
Also, quitting my second job has made me feel so FREE. I now don't have to plan around work hours. If someone wants to grab a drink after work, I can. When my boss offers me his NATS tickets last minute, I won't have to turn them down (like I did last week). Dave and I can decide to take a bike ride after work or walk to nearby patio for Happy Hour. DC has a lot to do and see, but winter here is like winter almost anywhere else-- a lot of nights in, movies, indoor activities.  Now we return to living and loving in this great city....which has given me a renewed love for the nation's capitol. I hope I never lose the excitement of walking into the capitol building or driving by a monument or the White House.  We live in an exciting city and this spring/summer, I plan to enjoy my home to its fullest!

Maybe soon, I will write a post on my DC warm weather to do list, but until then, know that I am enjoying every single second of warm weather in this spectacular city!

What's your guilty pleasure TV show?  Currently, mine is Switched at Birth" on ABC family...a teen show where at 16, 2 girls and their families find out that they were switched at birth (yeah, pretty obvious title to a show, huh?) Of course, a show about being switched at birth would be too boring (JK), so there are other big issues like disabilities, socioeconomic differences, etc, etc.
Completely Cheesy...and I love it. I hadn't seen season 3 but I crammed most of it on Good Friday while cleaning and bumming around the house on my day off.
So, come on, admit it, you have some secretely ridiculous show you love too, right?

Prayers Please.  I know I have mentioned before that I am looking for another job. I am  grateful for the job I have, but it was never meant to be fulltime gig. I was really encouraged by a friend's testimony this week. She shared how she was struggling with a trial in her life and reached out to over 100 friends to ask for prayers-- and a year later, her circumstances have drastically improved. Her testimony made me realize that I am often not willing to plead for prayers as vulnerably as she did.The Lord hears our prayers and the prayers of others.  I trust the Lord will open the right doors and ask you to pray with me that He does soon.
You may remember Dave's long job search last year and the Lord was faithful.  The Lord has been faithful to provide me work "in the meantime" and I trust He will be faithful to provide a more permenant position.
Pray that I am thankful for work and an income for the time being. Pray I remember His past faithfulness. Pray that my job search doesn't place too much stress on Dave and me. Pray I don't waste my waiting -- that I learn from it! Pray God opens doors....and soon!
While on the topic of prayer, y'all know that one of my goals this year was to pray more for others? I have been keeping a prayer journal. I am curious, how do y'all write in a prayer journal? Is it actual prayers written out? Is it a lists of requests, a list of praises and answers? Is it a format? is it daily or weekly? Just curious as I am trying to find a format I like!

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  1. So glad you are feeling good about your decision to quit the second job! I'll be praying that you find something new soon! You enjoy that springtime in DC--beautiful!