Sunday, July 6, 2014

Life Lately :)

Hey, long time, no blog... so sorry, but life has been full and busy-- wonderful busy with celebrating our first wedding anniversary, enjoying girls nights and date nights and happy hours. Tidying house and cooking enchiladas  and baseball games and going to the movies. Sometimes I love blogging, but sometimes I love taking a short break from it to just enjoy living :)

I still have a couple wedding posts from my wedding series that I plan to finish up in the next couple weeks. (I know, past my one year deadline...but, to be fair, the posts are halfway written, just not completed) Although my wedding was wonderful, sorting through pictures is not the most fun so I procrastinated because it was time consuming...but I promise to finish soon!! My sister Marley is probably rolling her eyes at me breaking my "one year rule" on extended wedding celebrating, BUT I would like to point out that I held fast to the rule that your face book profile picture had to change from a wedding pic at the first year anniversary...and thanks to the Cochran campaign in Mississippi, my picture changed a month before in support of the Senator :) For those curious about my one year rule, read here. (Again, I apologize for being slow about this!)

On top of finishing the wedding series, I have a few other posts planned...reflections on year one of marriage, a fourth of July update, thoughts on DC, a summer to do list, reviews of the 4 books I have already read off my summer reading list, recipes, etc, but until then, here are some pictures from the last few weeks of life....

Beach Trip
We kicked off summer with a Maryland beach trip with sweet 
friends...cocktails, board games, dance parties, laying 
out, a shrimp boil and lots of fellowship!

Love these two ladies!

Yep, its true, he wore my Auburn hat :)

Family Vacation in Tennessee
We met Dave's family in Tennessee where we enjoyed a weekend at a 
lovely cabin. We enjoyed family time, homemade meals, hot tubbing, mini 
golf, shopping, white water rafting, waterfalls and the aquarium!

Siblings pre-hike.

Family pic.


Hot Tub!

My cute date to the aquarium.

Cousin's Wedding
I went home for my cousin's Mississippi wedding. Sadly Dave 
could not come but I had a blast with my family!

Isn't his bride lovely?

Couldn't you just eat this little boogar up? So freaking adorable.

Danced with Daddy to "Brown Eyed Girl" which has always been our 
song- and was our first dance at my wedding.

Mississippi on the Mall
Every year, the Mississippi Society hosts a big "Mississippi on the Mall" party 
right near the Lincoln memorial. There's catfish, hushpuppies, sweet 
tea, lemonade, cakes from Mississippi bakeries, beer and blues music. 
It's a great party and we had a blast. Plus hanging out with so many 
Mississippians made the Ole Miss loss to UVA in the CWS a little easier :)

Ole Miss and MSU stickers- house divided!

Outdoor Movie in Rosslyn
One of our favorite things to do in DC during the summer is go to an outdoor 
movie....and there are outdoor movies everywhere. I already attended a couple 
this summer and plan on many more.  Our favorite series is the Rosslyn 
series because we can easily walk there from our apartment, it's family 
friendly and you can see the skyline in the background.

Summer is such a fun time in DC - and brings back happy memories of the 3 summers I spent interning up here (yes, three---political nerd much?)  I know one day our summers will be filled with kids' swimming lessons, family bbqs, days at the park (all good things of course, just different) so I am trying to soak in the last couple adult only summers I have...happy hours, ball games, date nights, outdoor movies, new restaurants, hiking, etc.  Although these things won't disappear the older we get, they will become less this summer is dedicated to fully enjoying all those sweet moments! Last summer was fun but we were new to town and poor from our move and had only a few friends. This summer is full of fellowship, laughter and soaking up our city!

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