Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Mercies

You know those moments where it feels no one quite understands your struggle or can help you, where no can relate? Maybe very few people ask how you are, maybe lots of people check in on you but you have no answers for them (or yourself)? Maybe due to the physical, spiritual, emotional demands of everyday life and struggles, you feel sluggish and exhausted? Those moments when you turn to prayer not only asking for answers, but also for a little encouragement…wiping of tears, understanding and a gentle push to keep going?

I know you know the moments I am talking about, I know I’m not the only one…whether the trial is small or large – in the grand scheme of your life, sometimes you just need a glimmer of hope, reminding you that your Savior hears, understands and can hold your hand as you press forward.
But, in those moments, do you ever have one of those days when every single article you read, every devotional, every bible verse or hymn lyrics you stumble upon via someone else’s facebook wall – is exactly what you needed to hear?

That was my day today.  After a particularly difficult week full of frustrations and disappointment- with too short of a weekend to recover and a long Monday looming in front of me (I was on the metro by 6:30 am……), God blessed me with nuggets of hope. When I arrived at work, bright and early, I took a few moments to check emails, read a few blogs, mentally prepare for the day – and then again, a short part of my lunch break spent reading, and it seems that everything I read was written for me. I don’t believe in coincidence, so I am grateful our Savior intended these articles for me, among others.
And, maybe you, like me, had a difficult week, weekend or Monday, maybe you have your own hardships tugging at your heart, your own worries in the pit of your stomach. Take a few moments to read these articles that encouraged my heart. These were my “new mercies” today. Maybe these words will lift your spirits just as they lifted mine.

I loved these 4 articles so much….because they weren’t specific – they weren’t about death, marriage, singleness, motherhood, job searching, poverty, adultery, infertility, temptations and sin, sick babies, etc. I read and reread these articles and was encouraged by them all. And the next really long Monday or stressful week or hard situation, I can pull these same articles out and know that the God who encouraged and loved and carried me the last time I read them will do so again.  And anyone else can read these very same articles and be encouraged, even if they are in totally different life phases!  Sometimes I love being encouraged by words and scripture that is so very specific to the situation I am going through – and sometimes, I love being encouraged by words that seem timeless and broad, reminding me that nothing is new or difficult to God. He is able to encourage multiple people in multiple situations with truths that apply to all, but seem so specific and dear to the individual. He is able to control all and bring hope during all circumstances – both my bad days and yours. Just liked He walked with the Saints of past, granting them new mercies each day, He can and will do so for us as well.

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