Thursday, March 5, 2015

**SnOw DaY pRePaRaTiOnS!!!***

Today was another snow day- and at last count, we had 6 inches. So definitely nothing life-altering, but enough to shut down schools, the government and most businesses. I know, I know, if you live in Boston or NYC or somewhere that handles the snow a bit better than DC, then you are rolling your eyes at our winter storm panic.  I, however, welcome the hysteria.  The bigger hype a storm gets, the more likely I am to have a cozy day at home. Also, let's be honest:  I am from Mississippi, so the idea of a "winter wonderland" still makes me giddy (although as time goes by, the allure is lessening.....)

Additionally, caution is a good idea since almost no one in DC is from DC, we are from all over! Since this dixie darling can not drive in the snow, I am positive that there are more west coast transplants and southerners like myself who also have no business driving in the powder either!! This isn't a small midwestern town where all the long time locals know how to handle driving - this is DC, the melting pot of America, full of non-experienced snow virgins. It's really safer for us all if we just all take a day off!

So, in honor of our second "snow day" of 2015 - third, if you count a Saturday snow day (which we all know is not as good.....), here is some advice on preparing for a snow day:
  • Visit redbox and check out one more than you think you will watch, just to be safe. I would advise that you reserve your dvd's through the website and pick them up on your way home from work on the day before the suspected snow day - or you may arrive at the kiosk and find that the best choices are already gone! Also, make sure you rent options from different categories -- suspense, comedy, drama. Options are your friends!!
  • Beer, wine and groceries run.  Sometimes this is not necessary - after all, it's usually just one day at home - and you probably already have groceries - but if you plan on cooking a special snow day meal, making snow day ice cream, or enjoying warm treats like cocoa or soup, make sure to pick these items up.
  • Pick out the comfiest pair of sweatpants and fuzzy socks. It doesn't have to be fancy - or even flattering, just comfy.
  • Have a good book saved on your Kindle.
  • If you already know you are off work, then turn your alarm off.  If not, set it, wake up and check your company email for updates then roll over and go back to sleep.
  • Pull your windshield wipers up so that they don't get buried under snow.
  • Have wintery scented candles on hand.  If you don't have a fireplace, then you might as well enjoy a little mood lighting and cozy smell while bunkering down.
  • Find someone to spend it with--- although some time alone is grand, if you have roomies or friends that live nearby.  Unfortunately, none of our friends live in our apartment complex, but luckily I have Dave to snuggle up with!
  • Scrape the snow from your car windows at the end of the snow day -- it makes the next morning a lot more enjoyable!

I do love a good snow day -- but I love spring more.  Hopefully, she will make her arrival soon, but until then, I hope that if we have to endure cold temps, we at least get to enjoy time off of work!

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  1. Praying for a warm, sunny, rejuvenating spring for you! You deserve it!