Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I Did Not Do

So, from the outside looking in, I FAILED at my February goals...and although I love the idea of setting and meeting goals, of keeping myself accountable and on track -- sometimes I just have to accept that life gets crazy and busy and hectic -- and some months are just about surviving! This was one of those months - the perfect storm of personal stress, work stress, unwelcome surprises, sickness to make me say "forget it" to my list. I had to deal with life as it came - and not the life I had planned for the month.

I had 6 goals this month: get a big chunk of our bedroom decorating finished, work out 3 times a week (at least), read one book (at least), take time to make some family goals, organize and don't over commit!

Things I successfully did of that list: ...(birds chirping).... HARDLY ANYTHING.  Although I did accomplish PARTS of goals -- like reading half of 3 different books, working out daily for the first week or hanging a few pictures.

Wait, I had one success --I did not over commit! Most of the month, time outside of work was spent resting and surviving except for the last few days of February which were saturated with commitments and work projects and engagements (all previously planned or out of my control!)

This month was completely unproductive (at least in the way I had originally planned) - and you know what? I am 100 percent okay with my uncompleted to do list. Sometimes we need discipline, order, goals, to do lists - and sometimes we need grace. This month, I needed grace - and rest. So that's what I gave myself :) BUT February was not wasted. It was filled to the brim with joy, disappointment, blessings, heartache, prayer, growth and rest!

So I didn't accomplish my 6 goals this month, but here's what I did do:
  • prayed, lots of praying
  • read- I did not finish a book, but I enjoyed going back and forth between the 3 I am reading
  • binge watched "Brothers and Sisters"
  • completed a few house projects - framing prints, painting a monogram 
  • went to bed early most nights
  • traveled to State College, PA to see the world's cutest nephews and my sweet sister
  • dove into scripture daily
  • cooked a couple new recipes
  • ate (too many) girl scout cookies
  • enjoyed wine and cocktails and a couple dinners out with friends
  • spent lots of time holding hands with my sweet guy
  • drove an hour away to get a Sonic drink
  • took my nephew to eat ice cream in negative temps because he wanted "chocat ice cream with chocat sprinkles"
  • sipped on vanilla lattes during snow days
  • gave myself my first "Jamberry" pedicure
  • donated old clothes to charity
  • took lots of warm baths 
  • cried a lot, but also laughed a lot
  • spent time talking to my sweet husband about the future
  • dreamed
So, there you have it: February 2015 - a crazy month with no rules, no accomplishments, but still FULL. Sometimes the most happens to you when you aren't busy trying to accomplish anything!

And in case you were wondering, my goals for MARCH:

(1) Get back into my gym routine after a 2 week break.
(2) Work on bedroom decorations
(3) Finish at least one book!
(4) Have a fun date night or day trip with my husband
(5) Cook 1 new recipe.

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  1. You may not have done that much on your list, but you did do a lot of really strong things in February. Here's to March (and hopefully Spring!)