Friday, May 6, 2016

One Month

For the record, I do not plan on being a "mommy blogger" - I have a baby and will talk about her but I hope I still write about other subjects as well.  But, many of the next few posts will be about motherhood and my daughter as I catch up after nearly 2 months of inactivity.  So, if babies aren't your thing, I totally understand- then check back in a couple weeks :)

Anne Douglas turned one month old on April 4th. She was FINALLY past birth weight - 8 pounds 8.5 ounces at her 4 week appointment - and close to 22 inches long. Despite being a little chunky monkey at her birth, Annie D is not a big eater at all.  When she is hungry, she will gulp down the milk, but only if she is very hungry. She doesn't seem to be one of those babies that eat for fun...and often she will get "enough" to take the hunger away, but no more.

At one month, she was still in newborn diapers and mostly newborn clothes. After a couple weeks of feeding on demand, we moved into a 2 hour feeding schedule (to encourage my milk supply and encourage her weight gain).  At night, she usually was getting up twice to feed.

Anne Douglas' first month went by so slowly - and so quickly all at once!  I must admit, that first month was much harder than I had expected- I was weak from surgery and blood loss and we had nursing setbacks and weight gain issues - but by the end of the month, we had started to find our groove - AND were able to drop our crazy intense every 2 hour nurse and pump schedule.  This gave me more time to enjoy being AD's mommy instead of just feeding her or worrying about feeding her all day long.

The first part of the month, she was mostly sleeping and eating but by week 3 or 4, we started seeing glimpses of her personality. She is sweet and seem mostly relaxed and happy (and we are grateful for this temperament) - however, when she does get mad, she is very angry! She is also extremely observant, taking it all in!

Anne Douglas enjoyed visits from her Bella, Aunt Marley and Uncle Bech (and cousins Jack and Gil), Gran and Papa Sug, Aunt Kimmie and Aunt Beth and Aunt Annie - as well as many friends!

She also took her first stroll through the cherry blossoms and celebrated her first Easter!

Our little "Annie D" loves her Mammaroo, paci, bath time, being held high on Daddy's chest, being held while you are standing (don't dare sit down she will know it), her little lamb that plays music and her rock and play. She dislikes late afternoon, being cold when she gets out of the bath.

Even one month in, I can't imagine life without this little girl - and I can't remember not knowing what she looks like! My days are tiring but so blessed.  I am often glad for a little sleep and "me" time (without a baby attached) each evening and yet when she wakes up in the morning, I find myself saying "I missed you!"

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