Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello November!

Last month, I did a little bit better with meeting my goals.  I also think that I did not over commit to projects in October so that helped me do fewer goals well.

Even without tons of projects, October was still full of life, laughter, traveling (Harper's Ferry, State College trips) and visitors (3 sets!) We also celebrated Dave's 30th Birthday and Halloween. Dave also prepared for one of his licensing exams and passed it! October is always such a pretty month - pleasant weather, pretty colors and all the good things about fall without many of the negatives. As the month came to an end and November rolled in, we have more cold weather and less sunshine, although the calendar is kind to us, isn't it? As temps (and my mood) start to drop, holiday decorations start to go up. I can't remain too grumpy about the weather for long because the holiday season is here! My least favorite time of the year is at least ushered it with the most wonderful season of the year!

November will be busy just like October, 2 sets of visitors and a Thanksgiving trip to NYC (can't wait!). We love travelling and visitors, but it was wonderful to have our first full November weekend free of any responsibilities or plans.  We did chores, cooked a nice meal for a "date night in", slept a lot and watched a lot of football and movies! Many of our friends were on a church retreat, so we couldn't over-obligate ourselves and it was glorious to have time with Dave and time to rest!

 November will also be a time to enjoy the last few days before winter (and I hear its going to be a cold one again, thanks polar vortex!) -- I plan on soaking in whatever last warm days we have, enjoying the beautiful falling colorful leaves, watching a lot of football AND savoring all things pumpkin (except pumpkin spice lattes, those are gross).

Since the busy holiday season has arrived,  I think we will take a break from decorating until January and just spend time with each other, friends, and family. Plus, there will be lights, Christmas concerts and parties to enjoy! For that reason, my goals list is a bit smaller this month.

  • Hang up a Gallery Wall in our living room
  • Purchase dining room chairs
  •  Cook 1-2 recipes from “Bread and Wine” Yes, finally tackled this one -- we tried Blueberry Crisp -- and I made the recipe 3 times. 
  • Hang Pictures in my office. Still empty walls...probably won't happen until January.
  •    Paint our bedroom bookcase and my dresser gray.
  •  Paint our kitchen stools. Sadly this probably won't happen until after the Holidays, maybe even the spring as it is soon going to be too cold to paint on our patio.
  •   Finish unpacking and organizing the closet.  Finally did this. It is not perfect, but it is at least unpacked and organized somewhat!
  • Order a wedding Picture for the dining roomThis is also waiting until after Christmas as my focus is now going to be decorating for the Holidays, getting us to NYC for Thanksgiving and Mississippi for Christmas and finishing up buying and wrapping gifts!
  •    Read a book I read Inferno for book club and really enjoyed it! I just started Unbroken.....I am enjoying so far as well.
  • Celebrate D’s 30th birthday!! I love this sweet man and am so glad he was born. We had fun celebrating!
  •  Add a few fall touches to our apartmentI made a fall wreath and added some mini pumpkins and glitter pumpkins!
  •    Make an effort to do 2 fun fall activities We went to a corn maze and on a ghost tour!
  •  Enjoy our two sets of visitors this month!  We ended up with 3 sets of visitors and enjoyed them all -- my mom, brother and grandparents came, then Dave's parents came and then Marley and Bech and the boys came!
  •  Halloween Costumes!
  •   Buy several Christmas gifts! 
  •  Put a little in our Europe Jar. Sadly, no. It all went to travel, decorating and gifts.  I feel, like many other goals, this one will get back on track AFTER the holidays.
  •  Go to the gym before work 1-2 mornings a week. 
  • Blog More.  It wasn't a lot more, but it was more. I am calling that a Win

  • Decorate for the Holidays. It may be limited decor because we will only be in DC for 3 weeks next month, but I think it is important for our home  to fill Christmas-y.
  • Plan our trip to NYC for Thanksgiving. Parade, lights, museums, friends.
  • Complete at least half of whats left on my Christmas Gift list.
  • Wrap gifts as they come in.
  • Continue with going to the gym a couple mornings a week.
  • Enjoy time with guests.
  • Be more grateful.
  • Help prepare a Thanksgiving menu for our NYC thanksgiving!
  • Blog More.
  • Read one book. I am currently reading Unbroken for book club.
  • Be more diligent about praying for my friends and family.
  • Try one new recipe, maybe even one from Bread and Wine.
  • Continue in my plan to decrease my caffeine intake. I am now on day 5 with no caffeine.  I still plan on having the occasional coffee or diet coke, but I don't want to be so reliant on it!
Happy Happy November everyone....I hope that the beginning of your holiday season has started off joyfully. This truly is a special time of the year!

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