Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Little Updates

Just a few updates on this COLD boring Tuesday.... some little nuggets I have not shared on this blog!

 Check out my blog post on Joy at my friend Emily's blog, The Orange Slate. She's doing a great little series on Joy where she asks others about their views on Joy, so check out all the posts. It's been interesting for me to see what other people have to say on the topic and read their tips on being joyful! I think you will be encouraged by their words! I am hoping she wraps it up by answering the questions herself (Emily, hint, hint...)

 I never introduced you to my new nephew.  Meet Baby Gil. He's two months old now and tall, dark and handsome -- okay, maybe not tall yet. but definitely dark and handsome.  His hobbies include making serious faces, gifting us with the occasional smile, pacifiers, eating and staring at random objects and pictures on the wall (is he an art lover? maybe!).  

I put off posting about him until my sister posted, but then I forgot! I've gotten to hang out with him 3 weekends and its safe to say that I am already in love.  I am counting down til Christmas vacation where I will have two full weeks of time with family, most importantly time with my nieces and nephews! D and I seriously have the cutest nieces and nephews ever, on both sides of the family -- it'll be a pretty high standard for our "one day" kids to live up to!

The day Gilly bean was born...

Sleeping Beauty

He is kindof a serious little dude, but his smiles are pretty great too!

And, just for fun, here is a picture of Gil's big brother, Jack, in his Halloween outfit because who wouldn't want to see a picture of this cute monster????

Stay tuned because in February I will have another little niece to introduce!

As I said, we are taking a break from apartment decorating to enjoy the Holidays.  The apartment is at least presentable enough now, but I still have lots of fun things I want to try -- and as always, our bedroom will be the last to be decorated, but I am determined to actually decorate it this time as opposed to slapping a couple pictures above our bed and calling it "done" in our last place.  As we continue in January with the slow process of decorating, I promise to do a home tour or something similar, but until then, let me show you my favorite wall in my favorite room in the house. 

I LOVE our Gallery wall....and I must admit, I am quite proud of how it turned out.  Our wall is fun and a huge focal point -- plus. it has bits of D and me mixed in.  (I'll let you guess who supplied the deer head.....)  It also has some prints and pictures we acquired together...representing this first year of marriage.  The wall keeps growing and I know it will probably change a lot over the years.  Sure, gallery walls are really in style at the moment, but they feel so homey, especially when you mix in personal pictures and sentimental pieces, so I hope that even when it's not as trendy, our home always has some type of gallery wall full of family photos, kid's artwork and pictures that remind us of places we love!

I am even thinking of fun ways to add to the wall at various holidays.  For Christmas, I think I may place a Santa Hat on the reindeer and add a tinsel garland, just a fun way to make our home's focal point more festive! Anyone have any fun ideas?

Exactly one month ago, my sweet D turned 30 and we celebrated all day long with breakfast at Ted's Bulletin (our favorite), presents, shopping, time with his parents, dinner and drinks at Copperwood Tavern (another favorite) and his annual "Better than Sex" cake (which is basically a chocolate cake made even more fattening with whip cream, condensed milk, caramel and candy topping)  It's been his birthday cake of choice since long before I met him - and since we rarely make big desserts like cakes (usually just cookies, brownies or other individual items), he usually only gets to enjoy the cake once or twice a year!

Since October was such a busy month of guests and settling in to our new place, I blogged only 3 times and never posted on D, his birthday and how much I adore him.  So, in short tribute, let me say that I am very blessed to get to do life with such an amazing guy.  I will never quit being happy that he was born 30 years (and 1 month) ago and even more so, I will always be grateful he chose me. He's such a godly, loving, funny, hard working, sometimes goofy guy and I loved being able to celebrate him last month and will work harder to make sure he knows he's appreciated each and every day of the year. Here's to the next 30 years -- hopefully full of more happy moments than tears, lots of growth, designing several cool buildings, many travels and adventures, tiny children running around a cozy home - and maybe a few gray hairs :) I am excited to do the next 30 years with him!

It was 20 degrees when I woke up today - in November, pre-Thanksgiving and a month before Winter "officially" arrives.  I think it's safe to say that we are in for a cold winter....and as much as I don't love winter, I am hoping for lots of snow. If it is going to be cold, then it might as well include some days off from work. I am currently crossing my fingers and sending up prayers for a snow day in December.  Last year, we had our first snow in December and enjoyed a day in sipping hot chocolate while watching holiday movies with the Christmas tree lit.  It was the closest to a WHITE CHRISTMAS that I will ever see! November will end a busy couple months of guests and travels, and after all that busyness and fun, I could use a lazy snuggly Christmas-y snow day, preferably on a Friday or Monday....who wants to join me in my noble snow day prayers??

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