Monday, February 22, 2016

"I think I can, I think I can" -- 39 week update!

Updates to our blog have been sparse lately. I have been busy wrapping things up at work before maternity leave, getting the final things ready for Anne Douglas, enjoying a few last date nights with Dave - and honestly, sometimes sitting on the couch watching TV when I am just too tired to do anything else!! Hopefully after baby arrives and we settle into a new normal, I will be back up to writing.

I mentioned in my last pregnancy post (36 weeks) that I would try to post weekly until baby girl arrives--- well that was a lie, sorry.  But hey, a 39 week update, yay for me!

Today I am 39 weeks, 1 day - we had a good apt today (although it did not reveal any clues to when baby will arrive) and have an ultrasound on Wednesday to see how big she is and when we should schedule an induction date.

Here is a 39 week bump shot

39 weeks at Mt Vernon - trying to walk this baby out and enjoy a little history on our rare warm winter day this weekend!

Some pictures from the past few weeks....

37 weeks - after Dave and I spent an hour making laps at the mall trying to get ready for labor (too cold to walk outside!)

38 week Valentine date to Botanic Garden

38 week volunteer shift for JLW

8 weeks v 39 weeks - same dress, much different belly

We are eagerly awaiting baby girl - due SUNDAY so hopefully she will arrive within the next week, although she most likely has until around 41 weeks before we take her out by force.  Her car seat is in, her nursery is *mostly* finished, her clothes are washed and her bag is packed.  Now, she just needs to decide to show up. And, yes, I realize that I have a good chance of her arriving late since she is a first baby.  I feel this is a fact that every single person feels the need to tell me.  I am aware, I even will say "she will probably be late" but goodness, I get up hoping every single day that today is the day --- AND I am starting to try some of the "induction" methods - long walks, bouncing on the yoga ball, massage, etc.  I might as well be proactive right? Worst case scenerio - I took a few long walks and got a massage and still had to be induced.  SO the best thing to say to a 38-39 week pregnant lady: Oh wow, you are almost there, any day now! She will be here before you know it! (Also, it never hurts to tell me that I look great! haha)

I am in the weekly appointment stage - so lots of time with my doctors. My body is starting to prep for labor some, but it doesn't appear to be happening at lightening speed. So I am not expecting a baby tomorrow but maybe in a week would be nice!

I am feeling okay, all things considering. I am cramping and sore, extremely swollen, use the restroom every 5 minutes and sleeping maybe 4 hours at night. So yes, uncomfortable and irritable - but not in severe severe pain, etc. I don't have much energy so trying to motivate myself to "nest" and "clean house" before baby's arrival is hard. A little at a time - and if its not done, its not done. I doubt she notices an unmopped kitchen floor, anyways.

I am still working - and am trying to decide what day this week I will start "working from home" and when I will stop all together -- I would like to make it to the end, but its hard because I do not know when the end is! If she is late or we schedule an induction or section then I would likely take the 2-3 days before labor off. I just don't want to waste all of my maternity leave sitting at home waiting on baby.

My current least favorite symptom is severe SWELLING. Seriously, I feel like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have 3 pairs of shoes that fit because my feet and legs are so swollen.  I had a foot massage last week which helped (afterwards, my feet looked like I weighed 300, not 400 pounds so we will call it progress) but now I need another one.  Weight gain has suddenly sky rocketed --I went from a healthy/lower steady weight gain to a lot really quickly.  Its mostly water but still, nothing is more disheartening than working so hard to keep your weight gain down only to have it jump really high in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  I try to remind myself that it's worth it and that so many women would love to be 39 weeks and uncomfortable, so how can I complain too much?

One of the most frustrating things about this stage of pregnancy is that I am constantly looking for "signs" of impending labor - and goodness, ANYTHING could be a sign - for example.......

  • swelling - well, apparently you retain water right before birth
  • weight gain/weight loss - some ladies claim to pack it on the week before the birth (swelling) and some claim they start to lose it - so either way, you can "think" labor is coming
  • cramps - this is your body getting ready for contractions!
  • back pain - the beginning of back labor!
  • a desire to nest - must be because she is on her way!
  • a desire to rest - well my body needs to rest up because of her impending arrival!
  • an active baby - she must be pushing her way down!
  • fewer movements - baby is resting up for delivery, I read that babies are less active right before birth....
The truth is, all of these things - swelling, cramps, back pain - do indeed mean that baby girl will be arriving soon, but it doesn't mean she will be arriving tomorrow! So, I try not to get "too excited" when I have a long day of cramping.  All it means for me is that I am cramping and sometime in the next 2 weeks I will have a baby.

But, one of the best things about this stage of pregnancy is she is SO ACTIVE.  Although I occasionally wish she would "simmer down" haha!  I LOVE feeling her sweet those sweet strong kicks and realizing is soon I won't have that privilege.  For 9 months, for good and bad, she has been mostly mine - and soon I have to share her (In fact, my biggest reason to not want to have a c-section is that I don't want Dave to get to hold her first, I want to get to hold her! ha!)  I know that soon I will have her in my arms but I won't feel her every movement.  (This might make me a bit more comfortable but I will miss her little dance parties in my belly!) Also, I love walking into her nursery and knowing that SOON she will be home. Or obsessing about whether or not she will have hair for all her hairbows, ha!

I am hoping that my next update includes a birth announcement - but sadly, it may include complaining and a 40 week belly picture :) Fingers crossed friends - home stretch.  Our daughter will be here soon, praise the Lord!

Prayers are appreciated - for a safe delivery, healthy baby and healthy mommy! Also, we are praying we don't have to have a section and hopefully not an induction - but know that if that's what's needed when the time comes,  then we are in good hands! I am so thankful to have an all powerful God, doctors I trust and a husband that has my best interest at heart as I know labor can be unpredictable.

Oh and for those who care about my metro seat obsession.... 

Mostly my metro rides have been quite nice - people offer me seats left and right.  I HATE being this big, but it turns out that a large preggo belly and swollen legs have some perks.  I did have one elderly woman snap at me the other day. I was being pushed from behind (as often happens while entering a crowded metro) and I barely bumped into her. I turned to my side to say I was sorry and before I could, she had sighed at me and snapped at me.  I have the most metro problems with elderly folks - I guess they think we are fighting for the same prime metro seat real estate?  I have no clue...

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  1. Eggplant parm did it for me and my friend! It's funny I totally miss how it feels having her kick inside of me. You WILL lose the weight but it takes time. 9 months to gain so at least that to lose. I was so worried about that since I was not used to seeing numbers like that on the scale (48lb gain). Elizabeth turns 2 next week and I'm 4 pounds away from pre baby weight. Body though is very different though since her. God bless and prayers for a wonderful birth. The epidural is made by God. Lol