Sunday, February 28, 2016

HELLO DUE DATE: 40 week update

Well, hello due date. I really hoped that by the time you arrived, I would be (a little) smaller with a cute fat bundle of joy in my arms - but my stubborn daughter had other plans???? (She gets it from her daddy....)

I am hoping she is a rule follower like her mamma and decides to arrive today since that's the day she was told to arrive. or at least by tomorrow, LEAP DAY (which would be an awesome birthday)

How I am feeling..........

Everyone keeps asking how I am feeling --- ughh, I am feeling every bit of 40 weeks of pregnant! Sore, crampy, some contractions, can't sleep, swollen, etc.  and GRUMPY!

I also am just a bit down (as in cried in the doctor's office Friday - its okay, I am sure that they have very pregnant emotional ladies cry all the time ha) because I am incredibly swollen and really wanted a February baby (and have 2 more days to have one)  Last February 's loss was so tough for us, it just felt like having a baby this February would be redemptive.  But, on a positive note, March has a prettier birth stone...... so maybe AD just wants a blue stone instead of a purple one???? (BLUE is a better color....)

And since lots of people have told me she will be late (sometimes unsolicited), I really really had the goal of proving everyone wrong. All the walking and bouncing on the yoga ball has helped me progress - but not there yet.  Hopeful soon!  I am accepting that my plans might not work out - but if not, we will just wait to meet her on her eviction date.

Eviction date

To our surprise, at our 36 week appointment, they predicted that baby girl is a bit on the fluffy side - and we can't wait to see her sweet fat little cheeks - but every day she spends "on the inside" is another ounce I have to try to push out. So, we do hope she comes soon. Plus we just really want to meet her!!!  She has as an "eviction date" scheduled so we do have an end date - but my prayer is that she arrives on her own.

My mom arrives tomorrow - which I keep telling AD so hopefully she decides to arrives then!  If not, we have several days of walking, movies, pedicures, etc planned.

I really had hoped not to induce - I am scared of induction the way some ladies are scared of c sections.  However, I really trust my physicians and want what is best for AD so if induction is the way to go, I will put on my big girl (maternity) panties and deal with it.  We pray that this little girl arrives on her own - and that if she doesn't, we can be at peace about it.

The good news...

Whether she comes on her own or is encouraged out on her induction date, she will be here soon.  Hurry up baby girl - we are so so so excited to meet you!! You are already so so so loved!

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  1. It's the best when you see her. I promise you will forget all of this. I was induced then had csection. I get your apprehension of induction. Get the epidural as soon as you can and it will not be bad at all!!!! You will feel more empowered than you ever have felt in your life