Sunday, October 6, 2013

FALL Weekends are perfect for....

Although this weekend wasn't very COOL and FALL-Y, We lived our Fall weekend to its fullest.


.... Friday evening rooftop Happy Hour!

...Saturday Morning Bike rides along the Potomac! 

... Wine Tastings  at Virginia Wineries.

...Auburn football victories while eating Jimmy John Subs (one of my personal college favs!)

...Sunday Morning Apple Doughnuts from the Apple House!

...Sunday Night Grilled Pizzas and Back Deck Sitting with new friends.

All in All, a lovely weekend!!  Throw in a Sunday full of chores, grocery shopping and church and you have the makings of a successful FALL weekend.  Only one problem... the temperature was back into the 80s again.  Fall comes and goes here, but we didn't let the warmer temps spoil our Fall weekend fun!

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  1. It has FINALLY cooled off here, not a moment too soon! I wore a hoodie while sitting on my porch last night and it was glorious! Love the winery photos--so pretty!