Friday, October 18, 2013

To me Favorite Birthday Boy!

I wrote this BLOG POST last year (with all the annoying gushiness of a woman who was fully aware that this was the man she would soon become engaged to and marry) but even now, I believe what I wrote: I love celebrating Dave's birthday as much or more than my own, becuase his life has made mine better.  Obnoxiously cheesy? yes (which is why I don't go shouting this from the rooftops to people daily) But still very very true.  I am and will always be grateful that he was born 29 years ago today because (1) he is a wonderful man that blesses many and (2) selfishly, because I am one of the many people blessed by him, and likely the person blessed the most.

in front of the Mississippi river, probably one of my fav pics of all time

Somehow this man convinced me to go hunting early in the morning on Thanksgiving last year

Honeymoon in San Fran

Here are  5  6 of the things I love most about the Birthday Boy:

(1) He serves others.

Dave is not a guy that is overly emotional.  He certainly gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me each morning before he leaves, but you won't likely overhear him gushing sugary sweet comments on me all day.  In our two year relationship, I have received exactly one love note. But, Dave is a man who loves and serves others with his actions, not just his words.  It's not unusual for him to jump up after dinner and do the dishes or for me to find him vaccuming.  He's willingly picked me up from a meeting because it was rainy and I was nowhere near a metro stop.  He senses when you need a hug or some extra care. He has helped my dad with a broken truck in Mississippi heat on the side of the road. He gladly helps friends when they are building something or have car troubles, etc.  And he is great with kids. I love his servant's heart and am blessed by it daily.

 Dave and his niece getting ready for the wedding

Always willing to give a hug- to cheer you up or celebrate :)

(2) He's loyal

He's loyal and enduring which as a wife, is a very comforting thing -- to know that he will be a strong support whatever challenges we face in life. I've seen how he has stuck by friends, family and my even my family through good and bad times, and love that he is loyal and strong for those he loves. He's a good friend and always has been - which is great because marriage is first and foremost, the best friendship.

Dave's longtime best friend (COLE), his wife (Whitney) and US

(3) He's hardworking

Dave works hard...and he is always looking to improve. He knew he wanted to be an architect and was willing to go BACK to college again to do it.  I know he would do whatever it took to help provide for us and our family.  So many people don't have that strong work ethic these days and I am blessed to have someone willing to work so hard.

Dave and his sister, Kim, and his graduation from ARCHITECTURE school this spring

Dave and his 2 sisters (Beth and Kim) on our wedding day

(4) He has a great sense of humor

I could never have married someone who wouldn't tease and joke with me back and forth.  I like to laugh and I like clever people who make me laugh.  Dave teases me -- which always makes me feel loved because he wouldn't pick on me if he didn't care. We laugh every day -- and his ability to make me laugh brings joy to ordinary typical days.  I know there will be hard times, difficulties, struggles, but I hope we always can always make each other laugh.

Dave and his mom having a good time at the wedding

(5) He's adventurous and Funloving

Dave always wants to explore. He loves to see new things and learn.  I love to see new things and learn so we are great together! And he LOVES to have a good time. Its fun to be with someone who enjoys life so much!

What did I say? This boy loves to have a good time and goof off!

(6) He challenges me.

What I love (and sometimes don't love) about Dave is that he sees my flaws and points out how I can improve and challenges me to do so.  He would be a horrible husband if he wasn't willing to be used by God to help shape me into a better person.  And, frankly, I have a lot of flaws so he has his work cut out for him ha! But I do love how he affirms and loves but points me to Christ and encourages me to not only rely on my Savior, but to also work on areas that should be worked on. And he usually does this so graciously!

Day trip to Annapolis

So, that's just 6 things I love about my Birthday Boy (although I love probably 100 more things!)  I am lucky to be his sidekick in life and grateful for his character and personality.  Every day is better with him and he sure brings out the best in me!! HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY DAVE!!!!! I hope this is the best birthday yet and a wonderful year for you!

P.S. Did I mention that he is adorable too? (ok, thats 7 things I love about Dave!)

Mistletoe Preview Party, 2012

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  1. Awww that was NOT too mushy!! (From an even more recent newlywed...;-) ). I love the hunting pic. HA. The things our men can talk us into doing....totally presh.