Monday, October 28, 2013

I love Monday Nights

I love Monday Nights.

I know, I am crazy. Monday is such a awful day of the week and Monday evening is such a ordinary boring evening of the week to love ....but I can't help it, I love this basic boring weeknight.

Monday is no one's favorire day - it's always exhausting and hectic after a relaxing weekend. You can literally see people moping to the metro, dragging their feet, hoping that the weekend hasn't really ended. And no day goes by more slowly than a Monday. The seconds tick by slowly, the tasks seem mundane and I feel a strong urge to nap by 2 pm.

And, thats why I love Monday nights. It's a welcome reprieve from that first day back at work, probably the weeknight I look forward to coming home the most. And I suspect most people feel as excited for the day to be over as I do as they wearilly hurry home. Everyone is longing for an easy night in with a glass of wine, warm dinner and maybe an early bedtime!

On top of being the best weeknight, I love that it's almost always a weeknight in for Dave and me. Rarely do we have meetings or Bible studies or obligations on Monday nights.....just an easy dinner of homemade pizza or a frozen casserole, a couple of our favorite TV shows, reading and maybe finishing up a few chores.

And then, after dinner and a bit of tidying up, we both end up sitting in the living room, one on the couch, one on the chair -watching our shows while Dave researches nerdy (I mean, cool) architecture websites and I play on pinterest. We chat a bit about the day, but we are mostly quiet. After all, we had the whole weekend together to chat and play - and after a long Monday, it's perfect to just sit together and be quiet. I know that when we are younger, everyone (myself included) thinks that LOVE is connecting so much that you stay have long late night chats and great conversations, but I think as we get older, we realized that sometimes its the opposite-- sometimes LOVE is connecting so much that you don't have to talk and maybe don't even have to touch because you just find comfort from quietly sitting there together. That's how I feel on Monday nights with Dave-- free to vent, free to chat, but mostly free to be quiet and relax.

But, after awhile, we always end up on the same couch, snuggled up quietly, finishing our shows -- usually one person falls asleep and the other one has to wake him/her up to head to bed.

A perfectly boring yet comforting end to the most horrible weekday. It seems so boring- and uneventful- but I love it.

It's my belief that these boring moments are the ones singles wish for the most. Before I was married, I had wonderful weekends with friends and great busy weeknights, but I would have loved to have someone to do nothing with on an average boring night. Lazy Monday evenings make me extremely grateful for a sweet husband and a home to relax in. That's why Monday night with Dave is fast becoming my favorite night of the work week!!


  1. Aww, I love your theory about single people wanting boring nights the most. I think it's so true!!

  2. That is NOT boring!:-) I love our nights in too. Glad to know we aren't the only lame ones.;-)

    ~Emily from The Orange Slate