Friday, December 20, 2013

He Came.

We spend a good amount of time during advent discussing that Jesus came, died, rose and will come again!! What wonderful joyful news! Certainly Christmas and Easter tie in together so perfectly! But, sometimes I think we focus so much on what He came to do that we miss one of the biggest blessings of Christmas -- the fact that He simply CAME.

Don't get me wrong, Jesus accomplished a lot in his 33 years of life, death and resurrection, the gospel should be celebrated -- at Easter, year round and of course at Christmas, but let's not only look to what all He later accomplished and overlook the simple (yet not so simple) fact that he came.

He came into a messy broken world that he didn't have to enter, a world full of harsh words, hurt feelings, rejection, sin, illness, temptation, physical pain. He went from being God to being a helpless baby dependent on others for food and shelter. He went through all the hard things we go through - except He went through that pain willingly (we don't exactly have a choice like He did) and He walked through earthly trials perfectly and without sin.

Knowing how broken the earth was, He still came. That is just so amazing to me. Life is full of many blessings, but it is also full of trials and the choice to enter into the mess and filth of the people He loved is incredibly sacrificial.

Modern day evangelicals focus so much on the "God" aspect of Jesus that we might overlook the "man" aspect. Fully God, fully man. The combination of the two is so extremely comforting -- as we walk through life, we serve a God who overcame sin and death by entering into (and experiencing) our world of sin and death.

Each broken heart, each moment of rejection, each day that seems full of frustrating moments, each betrayal, each sickness, He knows and understands. He knows because he experienced this messy broken world. He experienced it because HE CAME.

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  1. Katy,

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder! It's so comforting to remember that we've been promised that Jesus does know what our suffering/experiences/troubles feel like because he was made like us.

    Happy New Year!

    ~Emily from The Orange Slate