Monday, December 2, 2013

We Gather Together, Part 2: Thanksgiving Success!!

Thanksgiving was a great success...good company, good food, wine, laughter and no broken dishes (ok, one broken wine glass....)  It wasn't quite a Mississippi thanksgiving - with my mom's good cooking, a beautifully set table and our traditional dinner with siblings, but it was the next best thing.

Marley, Bech and Jack arrived on Wednesday evening and we stayed up talking, watching tv and drinking wine.  We then celebrated all thanksgiving with morning monkey bread, watching the parade and sending the boys to the store and park while we girls started cooking!  The boys then engineered the best way to move our furniture to accommodate our dinner for 11 people in our tiny apartment!  It took our dining room table, a folding table and 6 folding chairs.  We also didn't have enough buffet space (since our beautiful buffet/china cabinet is currently serving as a tv stand in the living room!) so we turned our desk into a buffet for the evening.

The dining room, cozy and snug with all 11 seats!

Dave and Bech moved the couches and chairs so that the dining room could have more room. I didn't like the layout, but to be fair, it gave us more room! (excuse the towel under our drink tin, I was scared it would leak!)

Yummy food, prepared by Marley, Me and many of our guests who kindly brought something!

We enjoyed having friends over and enjoying community, even while away from our families.  Dave and I both grew up in homes that were very open welcoming to others, especially on holidays, and we always hope that we can do the same. Most of the people at our dinner were people we know from Bible Study. They are new friends and we are still getting to know eachother, some people I have tons in common with and some of our guests are very opposite from me, but it made me smile to think about how different types of believers with different backgrounds and upbringings are brought into community and friendship simply because they worship the same God!

Sweet friend

Some of the dinner crew

 Robertsons and Evans
 My favorite little Turkey!
Stealing Kisses!

Also, indulge me a second while I share another thought.  Years ago (in college), someone told me that you should marry someone that you would be proud to sit across the dinner table at any events you two host together.  I always chuckled at that -- I somewhat understood what the saying meant, but not fully. I think I understand a little bit more now. I loved having Dave as the other "host" at our apartment. I'm proud of him and don't find myself worrying that he will be too shy, not friendly enough, short tempered, etc. I know that he won't require me to make all the conversation, that he will help get ready for company, that he will listen to others with sincere interest, that he will be welcoming and warm, etc. Let me be clear, I think marriage is so much more than who you think you could best host company with, but there is something to be said about marrying someone you respect and appreciate, someone who, flaws and all, has atleast some qualities that cause you to be proud. (This might be different for everyone -- I would probably have a hard time being married to a painfully shy person and someone who doesn't like large gatherings might have a hard time being married to me....but when I sit next to/across from Dave at events, I am quite proud he's the one hosting Thanksgiving (or whatever other event) with me and the one walking through life with me! (and I think he feels the same!)

So so thankful for this guy! (yes I know that it looks like there is a star coming out of our head, its from the Christmas tree!)

I hope you had a wonderful holiday, celebrating and thanking God with loved ones - whether that be family or friends!


  1. I am so, so glad you had such a great holiday! Even if it wasn't like home, it sounds like you were surrounded by people who you love and that's what matters! Also--your hair is freaking amazing! ;)

  2. Great post. Glad you had a great first married thanksgiving!