Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday weekend getaway

Life is so full of JOY these days, but the past month or so has also been frustrating as we soon hit the 6 month mark on marriage and time in DC and I feel like I'm not as established here as I long to be....with job, lots of friends, church home, etc. Things certainly aren't awful but I had idealistic hopes for where life would be by now. And...I'm tired and need a rest from always being "on" (a week of vacation will do me good I think!)

And I guess Dave sensed my frustrations needed a little cheering up because this past weekend, my precious husband surprised me with an overnight getaway as an early Christmas gift. Nothing extravagant or ornate, just much needed time away from the city, enjoying the holidays and time together. He sent me emailed clues all week (and email reassurances that he wasn't spending a ton of money, that he got bargains and I need not “fret” over prices--he knows me well!) It was our first married getaway together (minus the honeymoon) and we had a great time!!

We left early Saturday and stopped at Fredericksburg to walk around the shops, then stopped for lunch and a massage (for me) in Richmond, and then arrived at our hotel in Virginia Beach, Founders Inn. We enjoyed dinner at a pizzeria on the Boardwalk then drive through the 34 blocks of Christmas lights decorating the boardwalk. We spent a lazy Sunday morning in the hot tub before going to see my childhood home (you may not have known that about me -- I spent part of elementary school living in Chesapeake/Virginia Beach) and then heading to Colonial Williamsburg to walk around and enjoy the carolers, decorations and history.

It really was a fun weekend away-- with all the holiday decorations, Christmas music and time spent discussing our favorite family holiday traditions, I feel very MERRY now!! . It was good to get away and remember my blessings (Dave, having work, family, etc)  instead of thinking about what I am still waiting on.

Also, this holiday surplice was also particularly special because Dave is not Mr. Romantic on a daily basis. That's not a complaint, it's an observation and he would tell you the same thing. He’s kind and good and serves and works hard. I like that better than tons of Romance…but when he does do something romantic a few times a year, it’s always sweet and “icing on the cake”, but more on that tomorrow!! :)
Here are some pics from our weekend getaway....
Window Shopping in Fredericksburg
Dinner on the Boardwalk
Boardwalk Drive Through Light Show

Hotel Decorations

Childhood Home


What a fun weekend with a sweet guy - now all we have to do is make it through 4 more work days, enjoy another Holiday party, pack and head home Saturday morning. I've been humming "Christmas in Dixie" all day!


  1. Aww, I love that he did that for you!! What a great husband you have there! So glad you had fun.

    And on the "I'm not settled like I want to be" front...I feel you. It's just hard trying to get set up and settled in a new place, I think especially when you are older and were established in your prior place. Hang in there!

  2. That looks and sounds like a lot of fun. The email hints is very cute.