Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...a WHITE Christmas!

Well, here in DC, we've had a few days of snow.  Sunday-Monday, we enjoyed a few inches covering our yard -- it wasn't much, but it was pretty to see snow falling from the window with the Christmas tree lit and a holiday movie playing on the TV.

We then woke up this morning to a steady falling of snow which should last a good bit of the day.  I had delayed opening at work, so I had an extra hour to get ready, but my lucky duck husband got the day off! And apparently a good bit of the city is off too because the metro was empty and there weren't many cars on the road.  Even thought it wasn't a foot of snow or anything, I think people got the day off simply because it was still snowing, as opposed to snowing overnight, so the snow could cause driving problems....

My office is still fairly empty and slow today. I am enjoying the relaxing day but I wish I was sitting in front of our tree, looking out the window and drinking Hot Chocolate -- all while watching a full lineup of cheesy Christmas flicks....  Sounds perfect right??

Instead I am stuck at work, but on a  happier note -- we have our office Christmas Party tonight so we all get to leave a bit early. Fancy hotel, cocktail dresses, open bar and lovely meal-- all with my cute date and great coworkers -- should be a fun night! 
I loved seeing the snow, particularly since its Christmas and the wreaths and lights are up. Despite the cold wet walk to the metro this morning, I couldn't help but feel like I was a character in a Christmas movie!! Just living life and prepping for Christmas in the snow!  Until this week, I can only remember one or two other times in my life when it was very snowy in December -- and that was when I was in Jr High or High School.  In January or February, snow is nice, but in December, with the lights and decorations, it truly is magical!
I've enjoyed our "White Christmas" days but I am glad they hit in early/mid December -- I want nothing, not even a White Christmas, to prevent me from flying back to Mississippi next Saturday!

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  1. Love a white Christmas. I have on,y had a couple too. We had icemegeddon in dallas last weekend. Everything was closed schhol out Monday and Friday. Hope you get home safely. How long will you be at home?