Friday, May 2, 2014


Joining in on "FIVE ON FRIDAY" again for a little weekend fun!

(1) Pray for Mississippi, will you? 

My sweet home state was hit by several tornados this week, one of the worst tornado days in Mississippi history. I will probably talk more about this later, but few things make me prouder to be a Mississippian than watching how we respond to tragedy. The joke is that a church van has arrived with aid before the storm has even ended.  Seriously, Mississippi gets a lot of negative press-- some of it is deserved, some isn't, but we rarely get press for the good that occurs....and you know what, thats ok, because Mississippians will continue to do good and unite, black and white, poor and wealthy, different areas of the state, different faiths - to rebuild after tragic events (even if know one is watching or applauding while we do)

(2) Meatballs.

This may sound crazy- or gross, but Dave and I are currently OBSESSED with meatballs and cooking them different ways. Several weeks ago, we had meatballs as an app at Haven Pizzeria. I've never been a big meatball eater, but these were delicious and tender! Since then, we have cooked italian meatballs in the crockpost and are trying this buffalo turkey meatball recipe this weekend (Dave loves wings, so why not try buffalo meatballs?). I've just bought the frozen turkey meatballs, but once I get the hang of it, I want to try making my own! Here's hoping my buffallo meatballs turn out like this....

(Sidenote: Meatballs, even turkey meatballs, can seam kindof heavy since its only meat, so I love the idea of pairing it with simple cut veggies, just like you would seve celery and carrots with wings!)

We are so excited for a new recipe and a movie at home this weekend...have we really become an old boring married couple? The answer is NO (we went out Fri, Sat and Sun night last weekend) -- BUT it's always nice for a casual night in! One of the things I love about marriage is one of the things I loved about roomates-- always having someone to hang with if you wanted a Saturday Night in!!

I'll let you know if these turn out successfully!

(3) 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

I had a girls theater night last night and went to see this musical at the Ford Theater.

I love a good play or musical and this one was hilarious!  Plus, if given the chance, I will go to another play at the Ford Theater. It was small enough that all seats were good and the tickets weren't expensive at all.

Hmm, I am thinking Dave needs to take me on a date night to Fords Theater soon, right???

(4) ROKU, Netflix and Evening TV
Quite possibly, the best purchase we've made all year is our roku. It was a birthday gift for Dave and we use the heck out of it. You can stream Netflix, Amazong Prime, Hulu, ESPN, etc directly on your tv...just like an apple tv, but a bit cheaper.  We are considering getting another one for our second tv eventually, although we may get apple tv so we can watch ITUNES movies too.  Right now, we have the Roku in our bedroom - since we only have cable in the living room-- and a few nights a week, we watch a tv show before bed. (I know, I know, people say this is horrible for your marriage, but for right now, it works for us....we talk plenty and there are few things I love more than just getting to cuddle up with Dave on the couch or sitting on our bed while watching TV)
Anyways, we have watched Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time and Veronica Mars -- We have started "Parenthood"  For those of you who are tv binge watchers, what do you recommend?

(5) "Mississippi Mules"

I mentioned earlier this week that I have developed a new favorite summer cocktail..the Moscow Mule, or as I call it, the Mississippi Mule. It's like summertime in your mouth. You know how mojitos are cool, minty and refreshing, the perfect drink to sip amidst swealtering heat on a big Mississippi front porch? Well, you could probably swap a mojito for a mule and get the same effect!

1 1/2 - 2 oz Vodka
1/2 - 1 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
4-6 oz cold ginger beer
Lime slices
Mint to garnish (optional)

It's customary to serve mules in cold copper, maybe if this remains a favorite, I will invest in some copper mugs! Doesn't this cold copper mug of summery goodness look inviting?

Forcast here in DC is warm and sunny. Excited for a sunny, happy, enjoyable weekend in the District.  My plans include a girls movie night, cooking, a baby shower for a dear friend, church and happy hour with a little time in relaxing! I hope you all find a way to relax and enjoy atleast a little bit of this beautiful spring weekend!

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  1. You are super fun! Have a blast this weekend!