Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What I am Reading Wednesday: Midweek Encouragement

I have nothing that fabulous to say today except that I have read some really amazing words by others in the past few weeks and I want to share them with you.  I hope you are encouraged as I was!

(1) I certainly needed encouragement this week in knowing that the Lord is working all things to my good.  If you need the reminder, read Piper's wise words.

"God’s staggering pledge of Romans 8:28 is that “all things” — not just the good, but even and especially the bad — work for your good. Life’s worst pains are for your eternal joy.

All things is a massive phrase. It’s universal, all-inclusive, with no exceptions."

(2) Feeling like your 20s (or your 30s or 40s) aren't what you expected? This might encourage you.  Some of my 20s were amazing, but some parts just plain sucked. I'm guessing almost everyone can relate to this article on at least a tiny level.

(3) I love love love this couple....her love for him and their trust in the Lord are truly humbling.  I adore my husband and if asked, I would tell you that I love him very well on most days....but the truth is, I have barely scratched the surface of how it means to love him so sacrificially. Likewise, even with my greatest efforts to trust that the Lord is good even when life is tough, I have never trusted the Lord as faithfully and patiently as these two have.  Watch this video and then take the time to Google all past articles on this sweet faithful couple. 

(4)  Do you ever think God's sovereignty is scary? Sure, it's comforting that God's in control during bad times, but it’s also overwhelming that He is control of bad times. It's hard for me to look at the sick and hurting and not fear God sometimes, so this article really captured what a lot of people feel.  We must remember He is sovereign and good.

(5) Singleness or Motherhood-- which one is more sanctifying? The author uses sacrifice as one of the main measurements of sanctification. Speaking personally (and I am not a mother), I am more intensely sacrificial as a married person -- IE, when it comes to Dave, I obviously now love more sacrificially than ever before (but not nearly enough, as I noted above). However, as a single, I was more broadly sacrificial. I gave more freely of my time, resources and concern to ministry, friends, family, roommates, etc.  It's one of the things I am striving to still do as a married woman, although I see my areas of failure. I can't add to the motherhood debate, although I have no doubt moms sacrifice daily in ways I have not yet experienced. But, what I do like about this article is that the author doesn't take the side that one group is more likely to be sanctified and mature in their faith, but that every stage can be used to sanctify us.  As a former single, I know that singles get accused of selfish pursuits and immaturity a lot, which stings and causes you to think you are spiritually stunted simply because of your marital status. I know so many men and women who were faithfully serving others and striving to grow, even without a spouse or family.  It is encouraging to hear the author say that singleness can be sanctifying just like marriage and children can sanctify! Let us all continue to pray that God sanctifies us in our circumstances. I actually want to discuss this more but it’s probably a whole different blog post!

(6) Need a little hope today?  Which also reminds me of the previous article about making this a year we hope. I am trying to make this a year for HOPE.

(7) This is a great article for those waiting for light in the darkness.

(8) One thing marriage is teaching me is to apologize quickly and often and not waste time being angry! This is a great article about apologies.

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