Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9th: Five on Friday!

Joining in again this week for FIVE ON FRIDAY. You should join in on the fun too!!

Baby Boys and Preppy themes!
Last Sunday, we celebrated My friend's sweet baby boy who is arriving in June. He is a June baby and his mamma loves the beach, preppy clothes and all things summer so we decided on a nautical themed baby shower: AHOY ITS A BOY!!!
The party had red white and blue, nautical touches, declicious brunch food and a mimosa bar.
It was fun to celebrate this precious boy and shower him with lots of good gifts. A couple of us southern gals made sure he received some smocked clothes so he will look proper for special occasions.  Living in DC is no excuse for poor baby fashion :)

This was my first week not working at night, and y'all, it was glorious.  I went to Happy Hour. I cooked shrimp, tacos (Cinco de Mayo), chicken, etc. I was able to research and apply for open jobs. I curled up on the couch next to my adorable hubby for TV and time together. We went to the gym and started our plan to get back in shape (which, for the record, we started back in January, but after a good month of workouts, our healthy living plan kind of came to a hault because I was gone most nights)
With no more work (and springtime), I have a renewed sense of love for the city I live in. I want to drink coffee or cocktails on restaurant patios and watch other Washingtonians walk past. I want saturday bike rides by monuments and still have a sense of awe when I walk into the capitol. I want girls brunches, after work happy hours, date nights to local joints, sundays spent exploring museums and walks through DC's neighborhoods and markets. (I know I have discussed this before, sorry, but spring makes me love DC life even more!)
We also want to explore Virginia (and Maryland)  One of the great things about DC is that the metro area includes a couple states as well!!! There are so many great suburbs with restaurants, sights and weekend festivals. Tonight, we plan on making our first trip to the Mosaic District in Vienna for dinner and walking around. It's a little shopping center with restaurants and outdoor seating and friday night outdoor movies (which it's supposed to shower tonight so we will likely skip the outdoor movie)
THE OTHER WOMAN -- go see it. I thought it was quite cute.  A few friends and I saw it last Friday. True, its just a chick flick, not an instant classic or an award winning film, but fun to see for a girls night.
Basic plotline: This scumbag of a guy is having multiple affairs, but the women he is dating do not know he is married, and abviously, his wife doesn't know either.  The wife and two of the women find out and become friends, mourn the situation and plot to ruin his life.
Why I like it (besides the fact that its funny): The women hated the man, not the other women.  So many times, the wife or girlfriend hates the other woman, but doesn't hate the man who cheated. I am not giving a pass to women who sleep with other people's husbands, but I do think that the person who is most wrong in that situation is the husband who cheats. He made the vow, he broke it. He should get a fair share of the anger and hurt.  This movie, in its own humorous way, made the point that the man was wrong too.
(PS, I know women cheat too, but this example is just about husbands because the movie was about husbands)
Last night, we cooked a delicious shrimp recipe.  Healthy, easy and delicious -- the perfect trifecta for a meal!
We don't cook shrimp often because up north, shrimp costs a lot, 15-20 dollars a pound. But, this is probably one of my favorite meals I have made recently, so when shrimp is a decent price OR I'm willing to splurge, I will definitely make this again!
You can get the recipe HERE.
***Skinny Girl Sparklers***
I love skinny girl margaritas. The company also makes skinny girl sangria, skinny girl wine, skinny girl cosmos, etc.
.....and now there are skinny girl sparklers (fruity bubbly water) I only discovered the drinks this week, but I have splurged 3 times to buy myself one at CVS in the morning. This habbit has to stop, but for an occasional summer drink, its delicious and refreshing!

Next time you have a pool day or want to read on your porch, grab one!


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