Friday, February 27, 2015

Wine and Jesus

Popping my head in for a small update. Sorry to have been MIA folks, but life has been some kind of crazy these days.  As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, circumstances been challenging lately -the kind of tough where you just have to pause, pray, regroup and muddle through. Lots of prayers, a few tears and lots of sweets. But, what has really made life challenging has been the everyday stresses - late nights and early mornings working at the office, challenging deadlines, Jr league projects and duties outside of work, etc, etc. This afternoon, I hit a major project deadline - after a couple late nights this week, missed lunch breaks, project instructions being changed multiple times, etc, etc. Today, I was on the metro before 7 am and worked straight from 7 until 2:30, stopping once to use the restroom and get a bottle of water, goldfish and a pear from the kitchen. When I FINALLY finished, I stopped to catch my breath and thought:

"On crazy weeks like this one, I am so glad I have Jesus and Dave."

Don't be too impressed with me because my very next thought was:

"I am so glad God made wine"

After laughing at my desire for Jesus AND wine, I started thinking: Isn't it great that God gives us little blessings (like wine!) to help us get through hard days, stressful weeks and difficult seasons?  Distractions, encouragements, funny moments, small material things that make our day.  Don't get me wrong: Jesus is enough - even when it does not feel that way, but how kind of Him to sprinkle grace into our lives in the smallest of ways? ESPECIALLY when we need cheering up or relaxation.

I hate seeing my husband stress. If I can't take the stress away then I want to immediately cheer him up with a movie or favorite meal or picking up a beer he likes at the store.  When friends have challenging weeks, I suggest unwinding with a girls night or dinner out. Likewise, I think God knows that sometimes His plans or our circumstances can be hard waters to wade through - and although He may not lift the burden, He holds our hand as we push through and gives us the tools to get through -- scripture, prayer, community. AND, He's kind enough to provide little comforts to provide rest, joy and distraction along life's difficult paths.

So, when life gets stressful, cling to the one who knows the plan and who loves you even when you are messy.  Dive into the word, pour your heart out in prayer.  But, also, soak up the good! Enjoy the flowers and sunshine (you know, if you live somewhere other than DC). Watch a good chick flick. Listen to your favorite song while on the metro.  Get a fountain drink from Sonic.  Call an old friend. Buy a new shirt in your favorite color.  Eat a scoop of ice cream. Get a pedi. Curl up with the comfiest blanket you own and a good book. Take a weekend trip. Go for a run. And drink a glass (or two) of wine.  You may be waiting on big blessings in your life, but there is no reason why you can't enjoy the small ones, however trivial they might seem.

Blessings I am enjoying over the next week: my new pink vest, sleeping in on Saturday, wine, the return of Once Upon a Time to ABC, debating what I want to buy with my 3 Ann Taylor gift cards (yep, 3 whole gift cards!), finishing the 3 good books I am reading on my kindle, seeing The Drop Box at the DC showing, girl scout cookies, sushi for dinner tonight, seeing my two favorite nephews on Friday, trying out my new Jamberry nails, booking the massage Dave bought me for Valentines, hanging up my new Thimblepress pictures, cuddling and Netflix, and returning to the gym (worked through lunch every day this week so I missed my gym time- also I will need gym time as my list includes wine and girl scout cookies!)

So that's where I am at the moment -- dealing with life's struggles, crazy busy with work, Jr League and projects, tired body and weary soul, clinging to my Savior and diving into His word daily, but also enjoying the small stuff: you know, wine, girl scout cookies, pretty nails, cuddling, tv shows and books.

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