Monday, February 2, 2015

Goal Setting

Woaaa.....we are already into FEBRUARY. 2015 seems to be moving quickly - although I have been dragging, so it's time to jump in full force, right?

I didn't make goals for January. I pretty much took the month off.  We spent a lot of time watching movies, going to bed early, reading and occasionally hanging out with friends.  We did not explore or enjoy our city that much. I did not tackle any big projects.  I hardly blogged.  I didn't decorate or organize.

The fall and the holidays were wonderful and fun, full of fellowship, family and travel, but after such a busy season, we needed rest, time together and no obligations! For everything, there is a season, right? And we had a wonderful "down" month. If only this season could continue awhile longer....

But, it's the second day of February and it's time to get back to business. Since it's my first month back in goal mode, I am not aiming too high - just a few small goals!

(1) Get our bed room 75 percent completed.

In the fall, we focused on decorating living spaces and the guest room, since that's the area company enjoys when they stay with us. But, with a lull in visitors over the next few months (NO ONE wants to visit DC during the nasty winter months...can't blame them!), I have decided to finish tackling our bedroom.  I want it to be a comfy space for us - perfect for cuddling and watching a movie, curling up with a good book or enjoying a Sunday nap! Luckily, we already have furniture and a few decorations, but I would love to hang more artwork, add a few framed photos, paint a monogram for above our bed (I have one already but it's been sitting in my living room, unpainted for a few weeks now....) I know I probably can't finish the entire room this month, but shooting for 75 percent completion seems doable -- plus, is anything every truly finished? I could always make a few changes to freshen things up, ha!

Small goals to make this happen:

  • frame existing photos and artwork to hang on walls
  • move NARNIA (what D lovingly named our wardrobe) into our bedroom
  • paint our Antler Monogram for above the bed.
  • Purchase some type of photo ledge to stack pictures and prints on
  • invest in a few more prints, canvases, etc for the walls/photo ledge

(2) Work out 3 times a week. 

I always think it's a bit sad that I have to make working out regularly a goal.  Pre-DC, I worked out daily and even occasionally more than once.  It was a drug of choice during a stressful season and to be fair, the idea of wearing a white dress in front of 400+ people scared me into workout mode, ha! Also, gym time seemed more convenient and I felt comfortable running in my parent's neighborhood at night(which was by my office)

I'd love to one day be a workout daily person again, maybe even run another half marathon, but currently, I am shooting for 3 workouts a week. I was averaging 2-3 gym visits a week during January, so I think that this goal is achievable.

(3) Read at least one book.

Taking time to read (or sometimes on the metro, LISTEN) to books was a priority last year - and one of the only priorities in which I truly succeeded. I love reading, but when life gets busy, sometimes it's quick to go. However, taking time to dive into a good book is perfect me time and it keeps my mind sharp! I finished a couple books last month - and want to keep the reading goal up in 2015!

(4) Take time to make family goals.

In our Sunday School class, we just did a unit on family goals -- short term, mid range and long term goals.  One of the things we learned was to set a list of family core values, so we know what values we won't compromise to achieve our goals (IE, if our goal is to save money, but our value is charity, we shouldn't save a tone at the expense of not giving to others each month)  

The study also talked about making goals in all areas -- financial, spiritual, mental/physical, career, etc.  I really want D and I to sit down and make some goals and determine our family's core values.  We talk goals all the time, BUT having something in writing would be great.  Sure, we won't achieve everything, but it will be good to have guidelines and something to aim for.  Also, the couple teaching the class said that as you accomplish goals, you should add that to the family's accomplished goals list.  When you feel like goals aren't being achieved quickly enough, look at what all has been accomplished.  That was encouraging to me. I think of so many things D and I would love to accomplish but haven't - and then I look at what we did achieve last year and we have come further than I thought.

As our marriage continues and as we start a family, I would love to continue with yearly goal/value setting.  I am hoping to start small this year and learn what works for us  as far as a family plan.  We can readjust in the coming years until we find a goal format that works.

(5) Organize!

Things in our house have gotten sloppy.  Not dirty, per se, just a bit messy and disorganized.  Without so many visitors, our guest bed now hosts a big pile of clothing that I need to hang up.  Our kitchen cabinets are messy, no order at all.  I am not the type of person that needs every thing to be in its perfect place, but a little less mess would be nice.  I think I am going to make a small list of tasks -- like sort through drawers and get rid of items I don't wear or need, clean out cabinets, get rid of toiletries in the bathroom that we no longer use, etc  and each week this month, I can pick a couple tasks to accomplish!

(6) Don't over-commit.

One thing I loved about January was the fact that I had some time to rest and relax -- especially the first few weeks (as the last two weekends have been a lot busier)!  D and I made it a goal to limit our plans last month and it was so good for us -- particularly, so good for me since I am the one who tends to fill my calendar too quickly.  As I aim toward productivity again, I do want to reserve some down time each week!

What about you? Were you able to jump into 2015 - or were you sluggish through January like me?  Do you have any February goals?

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