Friday, October 16, 2015

Cover me in FALL

Fall is officially here!   And I am loving this cooler weather!  I am glad that this is the part of pregnancy where I feel great - so I can enjoy all the fun this season has to offer - hikes, a mountain getaway, lunch break walks - and a trip to Gettysburg this weekend.

But - one complaint: my cute fall wear is a bit limited.  I will be ordering a maternity puffer vest and I have a few maternity cord pants - but the truth is no pair of boots or blanket scarf can "flatter" or "hide" this bump, ha. Although, no worries - I will be trying to look at least a little cute and fallish (for the time being)!

Here is what I am loving for fall - some will work with my current figure- and some won't work as well, but even so, I am enjoying browsing!


My sister introduced me to this website, Barrington Gifts and I am in LOVE.  I love these bags and purses.  The St. Anne tote is on my Christmas list. These two prints are my current favorites (especially the animal print) but there are so many cute prints to choose from! They also have some lovely leather bags.


I know, I am late to the game - at first, I was not a fan, but the more styles and "weights" I see, I really like them - and now want one!  I think I used to believe they were BULKY and HEAVY but this first one does not look to heavy!

In love with this scarf - if you see something similar anywhere, please tell me!!

UPDATE: Since posting this, I have been informed that the picture (from Pinterest) came from this blog post, I feel I should give credit to where credit is due - plus this blog looks super cute and I can't wait to follow! You should check her out too - and sadly, this scarf is sold out!)


Seriously, in LOVE with these - I may have to track them down. When asked if I was too old for them, my mom said they might be too tall for a mom- so I will have to think about it.  So, if you see a pair like this - minimal fringe, light brown color, but a little shorter - please tell me!  


This trend does not seem to be leaving - and I, for one, am grateful. (or has this trend passed and I am just holding on to it? If so, please don't tell me....) In fact, I am about to order myself a maternity vest. (Super cool, I know...)


I am really LOVING the utility vest/jacket look.  In fact, I may purchase a non-maternity piece and wear it open over the "belly" so that I can still wear it post-delivery. I would hate to waste money on a military pregnancy vest that probably won't still be in style when I have my next kid.

(bonus points for you if you noticed this picture ALSO includes a Barrington Tote!)


I have to admit, I LOVE the longer cardi look - but when worn over my big booty sometimes makes me look big - however, I have a couple springtime longer cardigans that are cute, so I think if you look hard, you can find the right long sweater for your body. Plus, as for maternity wear this winter, I am hoping that I already look big, so a big sweater can't do too much to add "bulk" haha. 

I have picked this long cardigan out at Old Navy Maternity and may order soon. It could be a fun fall addition to spice up my maternity clothing options.


I love camel in the fall- but sadly own very little of it (I have a camel wool coat and that may be it)  Although I love camel sweaters, I probably won't be buying one this year - unless it's a cheap maternity sweater on sale.  (My rules for maternity shopping: cheap or on sale, no need to spend a lot on temporary clothing  - UNLESS it's a dress for a special occasion - so this means most of the time, my color choices are limited to what's on sale...)


I love LL Bean duck boots - and the moccasin version as well. I have no idea why I love duck boots so much - maybe because I live where it's cold and wet now? Maybe because my husband is a hunter? Who knows?? and I honestly have no idea when I would ever buy myself a pair because 130+ is way too much for me to spend on "weekend" boots - maybe I will watch the after Christmas sales? They are perfect weekend, cold wet weather shoes!

A cute plaid shirt, sweater, skinny jeans and duck boots - SCREAMS fall too me! LOVE!


This will always be on my fall list, even when it's not trendy - this preppy girl LOVES some plaid.  I have a couple checked collared maternity shirts - but I may have to buy a plaid one too - since my flannel plaid shirt for sure won't be fitting this winter.  Luckily, plaid is everywhere during the fall - so you can spend a lot or a little, depending on quality and brand. 

Old Navy Maternity Plaid - nothing fancy, but could get the job done for a season. Also, currently, only $19 :)

ALSO, the #1 Fall Style I will not be participating in - flared jeans.  A) My sister gave me a few pairs of maternity jeans so I feel no need to buy news ones and B) Extra weight on the middle and extra fabric on the bottom of my legs too? This seems like a huge disaster!

So, that's what I am daydreaming about for my fall wardrobe this weekend - what about you? Any must haves? Any new trends you love or hate? Do you go for the trends or stick to the fall staples - cozy sweaters, cords and plaids?


  1. Hey the girl in the first picture of the blanket scarf and quilted vest is a blogger

    I don't know how far back you'll have to go to find it but she is always posting cute scarfs and outfits.
    Hope everything is going great and congrats on a baby girl! I'm so excited for y'all!!

    1. Thanks, oops - I hope she doesn't mind that I used her picture. I found it on PINTEREST when looking for scarfs ha. I will check out her blog!

  2. A lot of your things (including duck boots at 1/2 the price!!) are on my sister's shop,!

    1. Um, she has a shop? How did I not know this. going to look!