Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LIVING ON A PRAYER: the halfway point (weeks 17-20)

As I previously told you, no weekly updates from me, ha - maybe I will update more often closer to the end when we are on baby watch!  Instead, here is an update on weeks 17-20!  Little miss Anne Douglas did lots of growing - and although she is making mommy fatter, she is not making me so sick anymore - so, we will consider it a fair trade.  We have started looking at nursery items and called a local daycare which we plan to visit next week!  It's crazy to think that in 20 weeks or less, we will be a family of 3!

18 weeks!

20 weeks!

How Far Along: 

20.5 weeks - over half way there!

 Baby Size:

At 20 weeks, Annie D is the size of a small cantaloupe or a banana (depending on which fruit you prefer) - 10 inches from head to heal and almost 11 ounces!

Maternity Clothes:

Yes - I still have a few non-maternity tops and dresses that I mix in (mostly a size too big, bought that way to function during early pregnancy) But, mostly, it is maternity clothing! 


Not too bad. I wake up some, but not too much yet.


I feel like I have felt a couple taps but I still don't know for sure. Once it's clear, I know I will go, "oh, so that's what has been happening..."  I have an anterior placenta which means it's on the front, blocking me from feeling baby girl's kicks so strongly.  Most people start feeling kicks in this time frame though - so I feel like it will be soon, even if I am a little on the late side. Can't wait!

Best Moment The Past 20 weeks:

No more morning sickness - and very few food aversions.  It is nice to eat a bigger variety of food again!  And, I have a clear bump now, not just chubs.

We had our anatomy scan yesterday - baby girl is growing right on time and has all her parts - but she has a big booty (girl gets it honest though - takes after mommy!)  We couldn't get a good view of her heart because little miss stubborn wouldn't flip over, so we will have another ultrasound in 2 weeks.

Food Cravings:

Sushi (preferably the raw items I can't have....), some sweets, light popcorn, occasionally salad (I don't know if this a craving per se or just an item that I am glad to welcome back into my diet again!)

Food Aversions:

I can eat a little of most of my previous aversions -- a little spice, a little mexican, a little eggs, a little seafood.  They may not still be my favorites but no huge aversions at the moment.

What I Miss:

Wine and sushi.

What I Am Looking Forward To:

Starting the nursery! Enjoying our last few "just the two of us" moments.  We are thrilled to be parents - but the reality of losing all our time together is starting to hit me.


"Oh we're halfway there, oo-oh, living on a prayer"

Pregnancy Symptoms:

 ITCHY SKIN! Round ligament pain, acne, occasional trouble sleeping, some swelling (my face is suddenly huge)

Also, the past 4 weeks have been a growth spurt. I was hungry ALL the time! But, I try to pack healthy snacks and meals at work so I don't eat junk all day.   I went from being up just a few pounds to being up almost 10.  I hope this slows down!  But, weeks 16-20 are huge for baby girl and her development so I am glad she is growing as she needs to be!


A sweet baby GIRL!!! 

Weight Gain:

9 pounds. My goal was to only gain 6 pounds at the halfway point - so obviously, I get a big F.  But, to be fair, at almost 16 weeks, when i made this goal, I was only up 4 pounds so it seemed reasonable - but baby girl hit a growth spurt.  However, I asked the doctor about my gain and she said it's right on track, so I won't worry much and keep eating as healthy as I can manage.


  1. Yay for no more morning sickness!

    1. AMEN - I mean, I am fat and achy and full of acne now - but seriously, so much better than feeling nauseated all day long!