Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful for Extras

I am thankful for the unnecessary "extras" in life. How boring life would be without these blessings!!

There is so much that makes me smile that isn't needed, that's purely pleasurable. I need food and shelter and enough warmth to live. I need water and medication when I am sick. I need enough money to pay my bills and put food on my table.

But, there is so much more that makes my life joyful.

I am grateful for good books, music and art that makes you think. I am thankful that words can be used in an encouraging, passionate and entertaining way, not just to get facts across.

I am grateful that we all don't look, dress or act the same, that God made people different and different personalities bring different blessings to my life as well as different skills and advancements to the world.

I am thankful for tasty food - the kind of food that is so yummy, you have to force yourself to put your fork down so you don't eat too much. I am thankful for seafood, hearty soups, rich desserts, warm pastries, ice cream and of course, juicy watermelon.

I am grateful for good wine and good conversations, often had at the same time.

I am thankful for curling up on the couch with a blanket and cocoa, particularly when it involves a good movie, good book or cute husband!

I am thankful for cold fountain drinks on hot Mississippi days. I am thankful for beaches and sunsets and pools and drinks with little umbrellas.

I am thankful for laughter and humor -- a child's first joke, told with a giggle before the punchline; inside jokes with friends and sisters; and clever comments from my husband which make me snicker.

I am thankful that all the parts of our world look different. It would be completely boring if traveling to Paris felt no differently than going to Montana.

I am thankful for female friendships. I sure love my husband, but life is better when I have the laughter, conversation and company of women.

I am thankful for college football, for football season, for football memories. I am thankful for other people's sports and hobbies and activities as well. I'm grateful life has aspects of it that are completely for entertainment value, nothing else.

I am thankful for travel, for the ability to live in one place and easily visit friends or family in another place- with only one day's travel.

I am thankful for color, texture and style and the ability to use those differently in how you dress yourselves and decorate your home.

I am thankful for Love. I assume God could have our species procreate and continue in a way that doesn't include marriage, family and feelings, but I am sure glad He blessed us with the ability to love each other and be loved in return.

I am grateful for holidays and celebrations and birthday parties and twinkle lights and wrapping paper and Christmas trees and wedding cakes and champagne. I am grateful we get to celebrate and enjoy life, rather than just live it.

God is so good to give us more than we need to live. He gives us all sorts of extras that just make life good!! I always laugh at that silly quote "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." But, as funny as that quote is, there is some truth to it. We don't deserve the basics, much less the extras in life -- how much must our God love us if He is willing to give us these little blessings that we don't deserve?

What "extras" are you thankful for?

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