Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankful for Ordinary

I am so very thankful for ordinary.

We, as a culture, love adventure and excitement. We love exotic travel and extreme sports and strange foods.  We love new technology and up and coming restaurants.  We love overcoming challenges and reading articles about those who do. We love heroes, action movies and being scared.

And adventure is not bad.  Challenging our perspectives, taste buds, cultural beliefs and bodies can be good for us. But every day can’t be an adventure or new experience.   Some days are typical and normal…and still good.... :)

In some ways, life has been quite exciting recently – a wedding, a honeymoon to san fran/napa, being newlyweds, a big move, a new city. This was thrilling and scary all at once. So, it's nice to slow down. I am thankful for the boring typical moments, for establishing “our ordinary”.…watching tv, doing laundry, morning devotionals, goodbye kisses in the morning, making lunches, bible study, chasing my nephew around, texts from my sisters, happy hour with friends, Saturday morning pancakes, trips to the grocery store, gym time, girl nights.

I grew up with an "ordinary" childhood. School plays, weeknight meals, soccer games, sunday school. Our life was happy, but not exciting. We went on vacations, but we didn't live or travel abroad. We had challenges like any other family, but not the type of obstacles that make for good college admission essays.  We had what we needed and much of what we wanted, but we weren't given everything.  I was involved in academic clubs and sports, but I wasn't homecoming queen, valedictorian, star athlete.  We lived in suburbia - and then in small town Mississippi...not a busy exciting city full of tons to do.

My life growing up was ordinary, maybe even "boring" at times - but for the most part, fairly happy. I had 2 parents who were happy together and supported their kids,  siblings that I fought with but fiercely loved, a nice safe home, a good school, sweet friends, etc. Yes, ordinary was pretty good and I am grateful for my ordinary all-american childhood.  

Adventure and challenges aren't always fun and good. So many people aren’t currently living ordinary lives. They are sitting in hospitals receiving chemo. They are trying to make do while a spouse is at war. They are surviving on little in small villages in Africa. They are living in war torn countries. Many have awful family situations or are struggling to find employment. How many people would love to being living an ordinary boring life right now!!

So, ordinary may not be adventurous or exciting, but its good.  I've had some non-ordinary moments in life -- challenges and heartache, adventures and travel! While I love (most of) my moments of adventure, I am so grateful for my ordinary typical days....days like today where I went Christmas shopping with a friend, cooked enchiladas for dinner and am now curled up on the couch watching football. I've had more exciting Saturday evenings, but few that were happier.

There are many many blessings in my day to day life.  I am so thankful for the ordinary!


  1. " How many people would love to being living an ordinary boring life right now!!
    So, ordinary may not be adventurous or exciting, but its good."

    So true! Great post.