Thursday, November 28, 2013

We Gather Together: Thankful for OTHERS

I am a fairly extroverted person. I do enjoy my nights in and time alone, but on the whole, I love being around people...and I am pretty blessed that God gave me such good people to have in my life.

God told Adam that it was not good to be alone, so He created Eve.  I know that this passage is used a lot to discuss marriage and the goodness of not being alone (and rightfully so, since this is the first marriage!) But, in general, I think God was saying something about humans, in general. Adam was alone because he didn't have a companion, friend, family, spouse. And ironically enough, Adam went from being the only human - to being married - to having family and community.

I am thankful God recognizes our need for relationsips and places people into our lives to help encourage, discipline and grow us. Life could be lived completely alone, I suppose -- with little interaction with others, but it is so much better with companionship.

I am thankful for Dave. I am thankful for the JOY he brings my life -- not only as my husband, but also as my closest companion and room mate.

I am thankful for sisters that I talk to almost daily and a brother who always has our back. I am thankful for supportive parents.  I am thankful for great in laws. I have wonderful aunts and uncles, even the ones that yell "go dawgs" as you cut your wedding cake :) I have amazing giving grandparents who really invested in our lives growing up.

I am thankful for friendship and the little family of friends I have formed over the years.

I am thankful for church community. I loved my home church in Jackson. I loved having friends of all ages there.

And, I am thankful for the community we are developing here in DC and prayerful that God will develop sweet friendships where we can encourage and lift eachother up.

I am thankful that today when we could be stuck alone for the Holiday, we are able to open up our tiny home for friends and family (my sister, brother in law and nephew are coming) to come for a potluck thanksgiving. Work friends, friends from Bible study, friends of friends, friends from home.  Just a good mix of people, gathering together in community to be thankful and celebrate together.

...because we were meant to be in community. Every day life and more importantly, holidays, should be enjoyed and celebrated with others.

We gather together today -- in community and thankfulness, and I am very grateful for all that the Lord has given us -- marriage, friendship, family, material blessings, His daily presence and eternal hope. AND, I realize that today isn't easy for all -- those who are alone, have lost loved ones, are single or going through a divorce, etc.  My prayer is that those who are hurting find community, one of God's good gifts to us.  Life is better when lived with others.

Time to finish cooking, but I promise a post with pictures soon -- say a prayer that Marley and I pull this off! :) Happy thanksgiving to all, what a wonderful and good Lord we serve!!

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