Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday's Five: What I am Loving TODAY

Here are Five Random Thoughts for your Friday!  Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

(1) Auburn landed the #1 recruit in the country.

Y'all know I love me some SEC football.  And it all starts with signing day.  Sure, not all of the players pan out. Sometimes guys who are not ranked as 4 or 5 stars end up being the play makers. Sometimes the top ranked players do nothing. But, on a whole, a good recruitment does lend hope for good seasons in years to come.

Auburn had a rough season this year.  Not awful, just mediocre and full of regression.  But, with the recent hire of Will Muschamp as Defensive Coordinator AND a strong class (including #1 recruit Byron Cowart), Auburn fans have a reason to be hopeful that good seasons are in our future.

This is also a big deal because Auburn, although winning SEC championships, a National Championship and having a few recent undefeated seasons, has never (in recent memory) landed the #1 recruit.

(2) Happy Birthday Pres. Reagan

The former President would have been 104 today. 

(3) Homemade King Cake

As you can imagine, King Cake is a rarity here in our nation's capitol.  You can buy authentic King Cake from Bayou Bakery (owned by a Louisiana man) but it is expensive and large, so you are committing to a lot of King Cake. I bought one last year for a party, but D and I can't eat the whole thing! (correction, we shouldn't eat the whole thing....we probably could eat it) So, instead, I tried my hand at my own King Cake. Overall, I think that it was a success. It's not as good as a NOLA bakery's filled treat, but so much better than the cheap ones you can buy at the grocery store - and certainly better than nothing!  I used this recipe and will probably try it again, maybe making my own dough or trying a different filling.  I definitely think it's worth trying! Especially if, like me, you live miles and miles away from the South, but you still want some Mardi Gras goodness!

(4) Outer Banks Get-Away

Currently, the wind chill is in the teens -- so I may be torturing myself by thinking about summer and summer vacations......but I can't help it!  And, I would argue that for every moment that it makes me feel sad about the cold weather, it makes me equally as happy to daydream about the future!

D and I are flying home for a good friend's wedding and since the whole family will be there, we will be making a trip down to Rosemary Beach or one of the other 30A beaches in Florida for a family vacation after the wedding festivities!  But, as I have mentioned before, D and I have made a commitment to take at least one small vacay each year just us (or one day, just us and kids)  Our only requirements for this year's get away was that it had to be:
  1.  nearby (just a short drive, no flights since we are flying to Atlanta in April and Mississippi in June)
  2. a place that we could enjoy in just 3-4 days (since we will be reserving 6 vacation days for the wedding/family trip, we only wanted to make this a long weekend)
  3. fairly inexpensive (I don't want to drop a lot of money on a short trip)

We decided to schedule our yearly trip over Memorial Day weekend since we already have Monday off, so all we have to do is take Friday off to make this a little 4 day trip. Although I was pushing for Charleston or Ashville, both were a pretty hefty drive for such a short time frame - especially on a holiday weekend when the drive will take even longer due to the traffic. So, we decided on the Outer Banks, a beach I have always wanted to visit -- with good restaurants, cute little towns and an Alligator wildlife reserve (guess who's excited about that? I'll give you a clue. His name doesn't start with a K) 

Our hotel is booked. It is official. So I am beach dreaming -- and excited for 3.5 beach days with D plus a whole week in Florida with my family.  The past two years, D and I have taken our trips to cities, so it will be nice to have some down time - a vacation with no obligations or sights to see unless we want to leave the beach.  Tonight, as I walk to the metro in my puffer coat and wool hat, I will be thinking of sunshine, beach reads, drinks with umbrellas, lots of yummy seafood - and of course the cutest travel companion.  Summer 2015 -- hurry up!

(5) Valentines Day with my favorite little boys

We are spending Valentines weekend with my sister and her family.  I bought fun pancake mixes (red velvet and pink with chocolate chips) so we can make heart shaped pancakes -- and I am picking up little happies** for the boys (and some to send to my sweet nieces in Mississippi). Holidays are more fun with kids!  Can't wait to love on those boys in just 7 days!

**for non southerners, a "HAPPY" is a small treat or gift for no real reason, "just because".  If your aunt comes to visit and brings you a new book and some candy, that's a happy. If you parents go on a trip to Napa and bring you back a bottle of wine, that's a HAPPY. 

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