Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lucky and Loved: Snapshots of Valentines

I hope everyone had a happy and warm holiday weekend - full of chocolate, wine, cheesy chic flicks, friends and lots of LOVE.  Oh, and I hope that lots of you were able to extend your 3 day weekend into a 4 day weekend by enjoying a SNOW day at home Tuesday.

We spent the weekend in State College, PA visiting my sister, her husband and the world's cutest little nephews.  Dave studied. I read. We talked and laughed and were climbed all over by my 3.5 year old nephew (Jack). Poor thing -- lots of cold weather days with no opportunity to run around makes you REALLY antsy!  I flipped through Marley's new cookbook and drooled over recipes I want to try. I took a nap and went to bed early and played with puzzles and snuggled a 5 month old.  I made a new recipe (low fat breakfast casserole) and enjoyed Marley's cooking. Sunday, when it was REALLY cold (below zero temps), I took Jackie boy out for ice cream. (The kid could eat "chocat" ice cream with sprinkles ANY time of the year!)

Dave bought me lovely flowers (which I sadly forgot to bring home) and a massage which I can't wait to use!  I bought him a framed print, spring polo (wishful thinking that SPRING will arrive quickly right?!?!?), socks (adults get socks as a Vday gift -- especially when SAID adults whine about not having enough socks weekly).  We enjoyed a Valentines brunch with my sister and brother in law's friends - and dinner out at Happy Valley Brewery.

All in all, it was a relaxing weekend - which I needed and enjoyed. The only stressful moment was braving the grocery store on Monday when we returned -- shopping at the end of a 3 day weekend before a snow storm hits is a bad idea.  But, we literally only bought apples, eggs, milk and bread last week - and girl scout cookies, so shopping was a must.  Fortunately for us, that brief stressful moment was followed by a deliciously lazy snow day (another post for another day). Long live the 4 day weekend!

Here of snapshots of all the love in our lives this weekend:

Valentines Flowers....

My little Valentines...

Valentines Double Date to HAPPY VALLEY BREWERY......

Sunday loving with my "hood-lum"

Ice Cream Trip with Jackie boy -- in negative temps.  This is the best picture you can get of him when you try to distract him from ice cream to take a picture.  Photogenic right??  And this kid can inhale some ice cream......

I hope your lives were filled with love and friendship last weekend too!

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