Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Making our house a HOME: Master Bedroom Daydreaming...........

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my February goals is to tackle the remainder of our bedroom. Fortunately, we have the big items already -- only the fun stuff really needs to be added!

A little description of our bedroom. It is gray, white and yellow with some modern inspiration and a little deer influence (pillow, print, etc)  I will let you guess which of us brought the modern touches and which one loves deer :) We have a gray fabric heading, white bedspread and gray, yellow and white pillows with a mixture of light wood, gray and white furniture.  The floor has a gray and white chevron rug.

Things our bedroom has:

  • furniture (2 dressers, bookcase, wardrobe, bed, desk, night stands)
  • bedding (white, gray, yellow)
  • lamps (2 gay lamps, 1 white)
  • a few accessories ( a grouping of black and white wedding pics, a vase, framed pictures)
  • rug (gray and white chevron)
Things the room still needs: A LITTLE MORE PERSONALITY!! 
  • wall decor  -- some type of racks or ledges, framed prints and pictures, a center piece for above our bed
  • a jewelry rack
  • a desk makeover or possibly a new desk
  • possibly - a couple trinkets/accessories to sit on our dressers/bookcase - but I don't like the too cluttered look and I like when these trinkets come over time, so this may be something I wait on -- mementos from travels, special memories, etc.
  • painting/hanging the antler monogram I already purchased and hanging the white faux deer head
Here are some of the little "touches" I have been daydreaming about.....

(1) A few picture ledges - with photo canvases, framed prints, vases, trinkets, etc

Ikea has great cheap photo ledges - so I may be making a trip to Woodbridge, VA soon (it's our closest IKEA, 30 miles away....and I have been told by an authentic TEXAN that their Walmart sells Bluebell ice cream, so I could really make this a little morning trip, ha!)

(2) A painted antler monogram above our bed

*I have a wooden antler monogram already (ordered it when it was half off) but I have yet to paint it. I am leaning towards all white or maybe white antlers and a gray initial

(3) A hairpin leg desk

We inherited Marley and Bech's dining room table (which seats 6) - so our cheap Craig's list Ikea table has been re purposed as our desk..and I have been itching to give it a makeover. I love the simple look of a hairpin legged desk! We could possibly stain the top of our table and add hairpin legs. Or, for not much more, we could buy a cheap hairpin leg desk from Walmart (both Walmart and Target have cheaper mid century/modern lines now)  Although I would prefer to do the desk makeover, our table is a bit too big to be a desk -- we don't work from home, so our desk doesn't need to be big enough to seat a family of four! For that reason alone, I am leaning towards to Walmart desk (or some other cheap version) in order to save a bit more space in our room.

(4) An antler jewelry rack

I need a jewelry rack for above my dresser- and we might as well stick to the deer theme. Plus, most jewelry racks are boring and this is adorable.

(5) Fun prints/artwork for the walls and picture ledge.

(6) A white deer head

I actually already bought a faux deer head like this half off online.  I thought it was bigger than it was, so my original plan to hang it over our bed was swapped out for the monogram antlers.  However, I like the idea of placing a frame around it or mixing it in with other artwork somewhere else in the bedroom.  A fun modern twist on the traditional mount.

(7) POSSIBLY - a new white duvet cover

This is a big POSSIBLY.  I bought a really cheap duvet cover last year and it seemed to not stay on the comforter very well and we took it off. But, I don't think we gave it a good enough try, so I am going to pull it out of the closet, iron it and place it on our comforter with safety pins on the ends to hold things in place.  Eventually, I will splurge on a nicer one, but I am hoping I can put that off for awhile.  If my salvage project does not work, then I will start looking for a new cover.

Here's hoping this BEDROOM INSPIRATION post lights a fire under my booty to get to work! My goal is to finish about 75 percent of what I have left.  Considering 2 of my 7 goals include items I already have - and 1 goal is just a possibility, I should be able to make a serious dent in my list....that is, if I can quit being so lazy when I get home from work. (D*mn you, Netflix, sweatpants and comfy blankets.....)

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