Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DC Weekend 1: Date Night, Jorts, Hard Times Cafe

So far, Dave and I are adjusting well to married life in the city.  I do miss my friends and family a lot, but it is such a treat to see him daily!  I particularly love our weekends together because we have time together and with friends.  During the week, my days are a bit lonely at time (and peaceful at other times!) because everyone else is at work.  I love weekends where Dave is at home to share the chores, explore the city and enjoy time together.

We are very careful to split our time-- some time at home getting stuff done and some time out and about enjoying DC.

Our first weekend in DC was very fun and started with our first DC date night which included seeing WHITE HOUSE DOWN in Georgetown and driving around the city to see important buildings at night :) Here is a photo of our first DC date night....

Saturday included errands, pancakes (a weekend tradition in Dave's family) and a JORTS birthday party for our friend Sarah Joy!

Sunday was spent at the house, doing laundry, tidying up, cooking biscuits, walking to my new favorite coffee place, Northside Social and then meeting Dave's school buddy for lunch at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon (one neighborhood over from us). Hard Times Cafe is known for its delicious chili (4 different types) so despite the sunny weather, I had to try some.  We then went to church at Grace DC (it's an evening service every week)

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  1. The jorts party idea kills me. So funny!