Thursday, July 25, 2013

DC Weekend 2: Brunch, Exploring, Movies and Pancakes

As I said yesterday, so far I LOVE our weekends in DC....mainly because everyone is off work! Dave and I can enjoy down time together and explore our new hometown!

Call me blissfully naive, but so far I think its better to have to do chores and errands with Dave so weekends where we do laundry and clean up don't seem bad....this may also be due to the fact that we live in a tiny apartment and don't have much of our stuff here yet, so the two of us cleaning the whole place takes an hour tops. :)

So our weekend began with dinner and a movie at home.  We only have a desk, so we have to eat our meals at the desk .... Don't you like our plastic target plates and romantic glade candles?? its all about improvision!

Saturday we begin the day with brunch with friends in Eastern Market at Ted's Bulletin.  TB is a popular restaurant in the city that makes homemade poptarts, homemade twinkies and adult milkshakes.  And although I can't yet speak for the homemade twinkies and adult milkshakes, I can say that the poptarts are delicious.  The four of us split some poptarts as an appetizer (yep thats right we had an app at brunch haha) and then I tried the hot cereal with fruit and nuts for breakfast.  

Then Dave and I wondered through Eastern Market since we were nearby.  It was noon and too hot to spend a lot of time wondering, but I wanted him to see this DC staple.

 We then took the metro to the zoo.  Now, I have made some bad decisions in my life, but attempting to visit the zoo during the afternoon during a heat wave was high on the list on dumb things to do.  It was miserable..not only for us, but for the animals! Most of the animals were hiding in the shade and when we had only seen 2-3 animals in 10+ exhibits, we decided to leave and come back this fall!  We still got to enjoy walking through Woodley Park and seeing a building that Dave is working on.

We thought about what we should do -- Summer Saturdays (especially in the heat) at the Smithsonian are crowded, so we decided to just go to the movies.  So much for sight seeing! However, there is a cool movie theater a half mile from our house where you have to reserve your seat and the seats are recliners!  It actually costs no more than other movies in the city!  We cooked dinner at home then headed to see Pacific Rim, Dave's choice, but not so bad a movie.

Sunday, we continued the Robertson Family tradition of weekend pancakes and then did our chores and grocery shopping before heading to church.

I am loving our weekends.  With only one person employed, we have to watch our money and I love cooking in all week so we can afford brunch or dinner out or a movie. I love slowly making friends and getting to see them on the weekends! And I love having Dave home for 2 full days!

Hopefully, as it cools down, we will be able to do some more sight seeing so I can share about all the fun things in DC!!!


  1. So sorry the zoo was a bust, I can imagine if it was hot it would be horrible! We went in March and it was really great. And those poptarts look amazing!


  2. I'm a bit late commenting on this, but I must say the whole "dining desk" setup, complete with fragrant Glade candles and elegant Target plates, made me laugh! Very creative. :) Can't wait to see the real thing though.