Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Around the Neighborhood: One Month Celebration at Fireworks Pizza

This past Sunday, Dave and I have been married a month -- its crazy right?? Seems I was counting down to be married for so long, but marriage has gone by quickly -- a honeymoon and move helped pass the time, for sure!!

I sure do love being married to this sweet guy and although the newness will wear off, living with him still feels like a BIG sleepover. It's fun to stay up late watching tv or talking and not have to worry about one of us driving home.  And its fun to get to spend every evening cooking and piddling around the house together.   Being new to town, we spend a lot of time together which after a year of Dave studying all the time and then a month apart, I like all this togetherness a lot more than I thought I would!! Even with my independent streak, I enjoy every day with Dave.

I am not qualified to give much advice on marriage (with only one month under my belt), but my one piece of advice is this: Marry someone you are friends with and enjoy spending time with.  I think some couples love each other and love nights out, flirting, cuddling, etc, but they aren't always FRIENDS....you know, buddies on a non romantic level. I have always loved being Dave's friend, along with being his girlfriend, but I don't think we always needed eachother as friends because we had other friends too. Now, in a new city with only a few friends, I have never been more grateful that we have a friendship.  I like hanging out with Dave which is good because I do a lot of it these days!!  It's good to be his wife, but it is also so good to be his friend.

This weekend we celebrated one month of marriage. Dave and I never celebrated month anniversaries when dating. In fact, we had to look at a calendar to determine when we went on our first date in order to celebrate one year.  I guess I never saw the need to, but now that we are married and living tightly, any excuse to go to a movie or cook a nice dinner or go out for dinner is greatly appreciated!!

Anyways, mushiness aside, we celebrated One Month in complete Dave and Katy fashion - casually with pizza and soda at a local pizzeria.  The plan was to eat dockside at this seafood restaurant in Annapolis but we finished touring the town at 4 and weren't hungry at all, so we drove back to Courthouse with the intention to rest and then eat at this gourmet pizzeria in Dupont that I love, but on our way to dinner, Dave's friend needed help moving some furniture, so after we stopped, moved the furniture and chatted, it was almost 9 and we decided to just eat locally. Luckily, there is another italian style pizzeria (FIREWORKS PIZZA) in our neighborhood and within walking distance, so we decided to celebrate there.  I want to fully explore and enjoy our cute little neighborhood so I am glad we did dinner in the area! We both loved the restaurant -- Dave said, "It's chic and fun like you like it" and he was right, it was a fun urban place and the pizza was delicious and affordable.  For 30 dollars, we had an app, pizza and diet cokes.  I think we will visit this place again!

If I am out of touch for awhile, its because I am home in the South enjoying friends, family, Kiefers, Sakura Bana, watermelon and SNOW CONES (How did I leave that off my first list??)  I am excited to go home and see everyone but also eager to get back to MS and unpack and settle in.  Not that I don't love our free Craigs List furniture and all, but I will be happy to have our things again!  FINALLY making our first home, although I will always remember and cherish this first month of simplicity.


  1. This is awesome, Katy. You are so right--a relationship is so much stronger if there is a friend ship as well. Have a blast back in the South!


  2. I almost mentioned the snow cones but I decided maybe that was just Marley's favorite. I know why now, we had one while we where in Brookhaven. I have never had a snow cone like that before!