Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Life, New City

We are now married and living in Arlington, Virginia. Lots of changes in a few short weeks, most of them really good though :)

I had a former blog... but thought that our recent move warranted a new blog! So here it is -- www.daveandkatyindc.blogspot.com.

Quick update on our life changes....my husband, Dave, got a job at ACG architects in the DC area beginning this past June.  He came home for our June 28 wedding....

Then we headed to San Fran and Napa for our honeymoon...such a fun BUSY week.  Dave and I certainly aren't lowkey lazy vacay people, we were busy the whole week...so busy, in fact, that we have vowed to do a tropical lazy vacation next summer, ha.  Maybe we need a vacation from our vacation, but we have had plenty of lazy time to enjoy our new home, especially me.

Then we flew into memphis, picked up our car, packed down with as much as we could fit inside it, and drove to DC - which took a day and a half and involved being side swiped by a hit and run driver, but eventually we arrived in Courthouse, Arlington, VA which is a cute neighborhood, very urban and very walkable.

So, now I am just settling in to our new home, exploring our neighborhood and starting to look for jobs...I applied for a couple last week, but starting yesterday, I have made searching a big part of the day. (Unfortunately for me, its about to be recess which means DC and hiring is SLOWING down)  Anyways, say a prayer for my job search.  Until then, I am trying to enjoy my time off and cook, keep our house tiny, and enjoy my new city!

More updates soon, including wedding pics, but I wanted a short intro/update to the next blog!

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  1. So excited about your new blog and your new life AND the wedding/honeymoon posts!!