Friday, July 26, 2013


I am in an "in between" phase of life and also in an "in between" phase of home....

I teared up when we got in the car in Memphis and headed to DC, not back to Jackson.  My life felt like it was in Mississippi and we were headed the wrong way.  The only thing that would have been harder would have been getting in my parent's car and heading to Mississippi and not going with Dave to DC.

Possibly the best thing that happened to me recently is Dave moving to DC without me...because we spent a month missing each other!  It changed the move to DC from "a move away from people I love" to "a move towards someone I love"  It's much easier to move towards something or someone than move away from something or someone.

Next week I go back to Mississippi.  I love Missisisippi. I love the South. I love my family and friends...but I kindof wish I wasn't going.  I have adjusted fairly well to DC despite not having a job....and going home will remind me of all the wonderful parts of my old life....and going home is going to involve a lot of goodbyes!! That's hard.

But, yet again, Dave will be here for 9 days without me and I think that will make things a bit easier...because I can come back to him!  And, Marley, Bech and Jack will be making the journey up north with me and its such a comfort to know we will have family 4 hours away now!

But still, this may (I'm hoping not) be my only trip to Mississippi until Christmas (say it ain't so!!!) (ACTUALLY I am anticipating some winter/fall weddings so I may have another trip(s) home!!) ANYWAYS, I am making an "I love Jackson" list of things I have to do while home:
- family time
- friend time
- coffee from CUPS
- eat at Kiefers
- sushi at Sakura Bana
- SONIC drinks possibly every day
- finish with gift exchanges (we have a few duplicate gifts, etc)
- church at HIGHLANDS PRES
- visit Kroger and enjoy the comforts of a LARGE grocery store
- maybe lunch at Walkers, after all it is my fav and I won't see it again til December....
- eat Watermelon -- I mean, I can do that here too, BUT it tastes better in MS
- get Doc Dave (daddy) to grill out one night
- go to the Neshoba County Fair --- JK, I do not have time for a weekend in the cabins at the fair, but I so wish I did!
- visit my Nana and Papa

Thats the list thus far... it may grow, and its only 9 days!


  1. Fun!! I hope you have a blast. I am so glad that you are enjoying DC though, and I think you are right, probably you two being separated actually made it easier for you to leave Jackson!


  2. You are going to be busy! Are you going to have time to pack? Ha I hope you have a great trip home.

  3. I volunteer to help with Cups, Kiefers, Sakura Bana (twice maybe), and definitely Sonic!